The New Girl (ON HOLD)

Yoona is a 17 year old girl who just moved from South Korea to San Antonio, Texas. She is the new girl in the neighborhood, she lives next door to Harry Styles a boy whom she meets when his parents invite Yoona's parents over for a cup of tea. They start to talk and get to know each other better and start becoming friends, But when one of Harry's friends invites Yoona over for a party he knows something bad is going to happen. He goes over to the party and tries to save her from humiliation but he is to late, and Yoona becomes the laughingstock of the school she starts to dread going to school everyday. But she just feels like running away from everyone and everything that's until Harry starts to like her and feel something special between Yoona and him, He starts to confess his feelings for her until one of Yoona's past boyfriend comes to visit her and wants to get back together, she starts to forget about school and she starts to get into this crazy love triangle. Who do you think Yoona will choose?


4. Chapter 4

As I closed my locker Henry was standing there "AHH!" I screamed "Henry you scared me" I said. "I didn't mean to scare you, but can I ask you a question?" He said "Uh sure go ahead" "Are you going to Josh's party tonight?" He asked me "Yea why" I asked confused. Henry hesitated a bit "Well it's just that it could be dangerous people can get really drunk and start throwing beer bottles everywhere and then that would lead them to throwing cups, plates, chairs heck! They could even throw tables, I me-" I cut him off "Did Harry make you do this?" I asked "No he didn't put me up to this" he said shaking his head no "I'm just worried about you cause your new to this country and in America parties are crazy ecspecially in Texas we like to throw massive ones" he said.

"Aww that's sweet" I said in a baby voice while pinching Henry's cheek. "But either way I'm still going" I said and walked away to go and find Harry, I can't believe that he put Henry up to this. All day people have been coming up to me and telling me not to go to Josh's party I knew this was all Harry's doing I mean who else in this whole school wouldn't want me to go to Josh's party. I found him with his back facing me talking to some brunette who was enjoying his company a lot, "Hey!" I yelled he didn't turn around "Hey!" I yelled again but he still didn't turn around "HEY!" I yelled for the last time he finally turned around.

"Excuse you, but we were having a conversation here that was pretty rude of you to come in here and-" "Can you please leave, I need to talk to him" I said cutting her off. She just stood there glaring at me crossing her arms on her chest "I need to talk to him privately can you please go" I said hoping she would take a hint "No" she said flatly and still stood there. I don't want to do this but desperate times call for desperate measures, "Harry, why didn't you call me last night?!?!" I said "Huh what?!?!" He said clearly confused "You know exactly what I'm talking about, why didn't u call me?" I said while getting a little closer to him.

"So is that what you do? You just tell a girl that you want to spend the rest of your life with her and then make love to her and not call" I said wrapping both my arms around his neck and getting close enough that our lips are inches away from touching. Harry was speechless he just stood there staring at me "I love you Harry, please don't ever do that again or you'll make me sad" I said pouting, now pulling away from him but then he pulled me back and it looked like he was going in for a kiss. "Whatever" said the brunette and she walked away Harry was still going in for the kiss "Harry what are you doing?" I asked not wanting to kiss him he didn't listen to I thumbed him on the forehead. "Ow!" He said his hand on the spot where I thumbed him "I'm sorry I had too" I said "What do you want?" He asked "Why did you tell people to tell me not to go to Josh's party!" I yelled at him.

"I'm trying to protect you because if you go...." He said shaking his head. "Because if I go what?" I asked he stayed silent staring at the ground "You can't tell me?" I asked. "Whatever I'm going to that party" I said and walked away from him.

*Yesturday at lunch*

"Hey do you guys got the stuff I asked you guys to bring?" Josh asked his friends. Harry was sitting there watching them curiously "Yes" they all said at the same time. "What stuff?" asked Harry "Nothing" Josh answered and started to shove a handful of French fries in his mouth Harry grabbed Josh's wrist and held onto it tightly not letting go. "Tell me" Harry said gruffly Josh swallowed "For the party, well the guys and I decided to give Yoona a "Welcome to America" party" he said slyly Harry held on tighter "If you guys as do so much as lay a finger on her, your dead!" He said and let go of Josh's wrist and walked out of the cafeteria.

*Night of the party*

"Are you seriously going to the party?" Henry asked me as he pulled up to the front of the house. "Henry, I'm going to be fine ok" I said starting to get out of the car "Yoona!" He yelled winding down the window "Harry said that he will be at the party making sure nothing happens to you" he said. I rolled my eyes "Ugh, whatever" I said and walked to the front of the house as I entered the house it was crazy with people dancing everywhere, lots of people were making out, the music was super loud, and Henry was right people were throwing beer bottles and lots of other stuff everywhere. "WATCH OUT!" someone yelled at me and pushed me out of the way and a beer bottle was shattered on that person, "Are you ok?!?!!!" I asked frantically looking to see if there was cuts on that person "I'm fine" he answered back that voice sounded so familiar he looked up at me and two green eyes met my eyes. "Harry" I said "What are you doing here?" I asked.

"Like I said before I'm trying to protect you" he said getting up "Well good job you just protected me from a flying beer bottle mission complete" I said sarcastically and started to walk away from him. But he grabbed my arm "Come on I'm going to take you home" he said pulling me towards the front door "Let me go!" I yelled trying to release myself from his grip but he wouldn't budge, "Harry let me go!!" I yelled again but he still kept on dragging me to the door. "Whoa what's going on here" Josh said coming up to Harry and I "What's the rush you guys just got here" he said "Well were going to leave" Harry answered back his grip loosening I finally got out of his grip and stood next to Josh, "Hey let me show you around the house" he said holding her hand and taking her up the stairs Harry was about to go follow them until some girl already drunk came up to him.

She pulled him into the crowd full of people dancing she pulled him closer to her and started to grind up on him. Harry pushed her away "Don't be like that, baby" she said laughing a little "Hey do you wanna go make out?" She asked wrapping both her arms around his neck Harry pushed her and she fell on the floor hard. "Hey!" She yelled getting up "What's wrong with you?!?!!!!" She yelled "Ok you are clearly drunk so would you please get away from me" Harry said and walked off but she pounced on his back and he fell to the floor.


"Your house is huge!" I said "You like it? My dad built this house himself" Josh said, we were standing on the balcony staring at this beautiful view of the lake. The stars were out and the moon shined brightly on the lake making it sparkle "Hey I want to show you something" he said grabbing my arm and pulling me to what looked like a secret passage way. "Welcome to my lounge room" he said I walked in and looked around me there was a flat screen tv on the wall and a red couch in front of the tv, a little area that looked like a kitchen with a fridge in the corner, and there were game machines off to the side, and he also had a vending machine full of snacks. "Wow this is like paradise for me" I said still looking around amazed Josh sat down and patted the seat next to him for me to sit on I sat down next to him "It's really quiet in here you can't hear the party going on" I said "I like it" he stared at me and nodded "Me too" he answered and leaned in for a kiss I kissed him back and then before I knew it we started to make out.


I hope you guys liked this book so far, but for this part when she is at the party I don't know what to put to make it end horrible. Cause I mean Harry didn't want her to go to the party cause something bad was going to happen and I can't think of anything to put to make this party end bad for Yoona. So I was thinking you guys can help me with that so comment if you have any ideas for that thx.

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