Writing with love - Friendzone

Love letters are kind of dated, they are not really written anymore. a simple letter written by hand and not some words on a printed out word document or like any others would send in a email now a days. no a real one, a genuine letter that gets you intrigued. that makes you want to know the person behind the words.

Allison writes a handwritten letter, after some serious talking her into it by her best friend. When she sends it to her favorite band member she didn't expect to get an answer. not at all in fact, because what world famous boy have time to write a letter right?

Liam has changed after the breakup with Sophia, he uncomfortable in crowds and more shy than before. He wants to change back to his old self but he doesn't know how. The boys get a box of fan stuff sent to the office and Liams eyes gets caught on a simple envelope with a all handwritten letters.
he feels like he need to answer it, so without the others noticing it he hides it and takes it home.


16. "I love you too"

- Allison - 


The night didn't stop after the fireworks. we danced and we laughed. Liam was so mush calmer than earlier that night and I couldn't stop thinking about the thing he said right before he kissed me. he said he loved me. me, little old plain me. 

the rush of feelings that hit me like a ton of bricks was almost overwhelming really. but I couldn't have been more happy. I couldn't say anything though. at first he actually didn't let me since he kissed me, but later on he kept me distracted and talking to all of his friends that he wanted to introduce to me and that needed to talk to him for various reasons.

It was nearly 4 o'clock in the morning when Miranda sneaked up behind me telling me she had decided to take one of the guys she had met on the party back to the hotel. she said something about the last British pull before she had to start to pull all American boys when she goes to school in a few weeks.

I told her that it was fine and that she should go for it. what kind of friend would I be if I didn't?

it took me a few minutes after that to find Liam again. he had gone to that bathroom when Miranda had pulled me away slightly to tell me her plan. he was standing in the kitchen with the boys and their girls. Niall was sleeping on the couch and there was just us left really. 

I walked up next to him and sneaked my arm around his back leaning in under his arm that he laid over my shoulders as he noticed me. he kissed my temple lightly before he turned back to the conversation with the others. 

After an other minutes we all decided it was time to end the night. Liam made e phonecall and later a black car showed up starting to driv us back to the hotel.


"uhm,, could I maybe stay with you tonight?" I asked as we were driving under silence.

"uh.. yeah sure." Liam said probably a bit confused but he gave the driver the new directions and then it was silent again. 

"Miranda brought someone back to the hotel." I mumbled as I felt like I needed to explain.


It's not like I wouldn't want to spend the night with him. I just didn't want him to think that was the only reason I went home with him. I hadn't said those three words to him yet. 

it was an uncomfortable silence in the car. the driver looked like he had swallowed a lemon, Liam was so quiet and I didn't know what to say really. 

you could feel the tension really. it wasn't that we weren't comfortable with each other, it was just we were kind of out of sync. 

he had told me how he felt and I hadn't. maybe he was afraid that I didn't love him? maybe that made him this back drawn? It was making me nervous and I guess that it made him nervous too. 

the driver pulled up outside of Liams building. he got out and opened the door for us. Liam helped me get out we walked hand in hand through the doors over to the elevator. it was still silent between us. 

I wanted so desperately to know what to say. what to do in this situation. it was just him and me. 

I was so innocent compared to him. the closest I had ever been to a guy was with Liam. And that made me even more nervous. I had all these high expectations on his expectations on me. what was I suppose to do? what if he wanted me to.. "do stuff"? my mind was raising and I was biting my lip, the stress making my whole body tense up. 

Maybe this was a bad idea? what was I thinking? he probably didn't want me to be here. it was going to fast. I was freaking out but I didn't want him to know that. I tried to take a deep breath to calm myself down. 

Liams hand squeezed mine bringing me back to reality. the elevator had stopped at his floor and opened the doors. Liam looked into my eyes and tugged me over to his apartment door. his eyes was so brown, they had some kind of calming affect on me too. my heart stopped trying to get out my chest and it was back to its normal and quite peaceful beat. 

Liam opened his door and led me into the apartment. it was nearly 5 o'clock in the morning but it didn't matter really. I was with Liam and that was all that mattered now.

Liam let go of my hand and walked over to the kettle and put it on. he turned to me and tried to smile.

he looked so tired, so did I probably. 


"stay here, I'll be right back." he said and walked passed me over to his room. 


the kettle started to whistle and I got over to it to turn it of and to take cups down from the cupboard. I put in the teabags and poured the water over them. 

Liam got back into the kitchen making a noise to announce his presence. he was holding a pair of grey sweats and a black batman t shirt. 


"I thought that this might be more comfortable to sleep in?" he said handing me the clothes. 

"yeah, thanks." I said, touched by his thoughtfulness. 


we drank the tea and when I was changing in the bathroom Liam was cleaning up after us. 

I got rid of the makeup, making my face look a bit pale. I brushed my hair through with my fingers and tied it up into a messy bun with the scrunchy I had in the bottom of my purse. 

when I walked out of the bathroom Liam was nowhere in sight. the living room and the kitchen was empty and the lights were out. I turned to my left and saw that a door was open and it was light in there. 

I walked over and as I turned the corner Liams broad back came into show. he was standing over by his dresser in just a pair of dark sweats similar to the once I had on. he was roaming around in the top drawer for what I guess a shirt. I lean against the door frame and watched him find a white tank top that he brought over his head as he turned around. I just got a glimpse of his abs before they were covered with the white fabric.  


"Hi." he said and smiled.

"Hi." I smiled back.


it was quiet for a moment before Liam started to walk over to me. my heart was pounding again in my chest but it wasn't uncomfortable like before. it wasn't in panic, it was just beacuse I was in the same room as the love of my life. 


"Would you like to stay in here or do you want me to get one of the guest beds ready?" he asked as he was standing right in front of me.

"here will be fine." I mumbled and took his hand.

"come here." he said giving me a hug.


I relaxed in his arms and hid my face in the crock of neck. he exhaled and stepped back. 


"left or right?" he asked. 

"either one is fine."I said putting my things down on a chair next to the bed. 


I jumped up on the king-sized bed and leaned back into the pillows against the headboard. Liam walked over to the other side of it and got in under the covers like I did. it could have fit a whole person between us. the light went out and it was silent in the room. you could only hear our breathing.


"Good night Liam." I whispered and turned to find a better position to fall asleep in.

"Good night love." He whispered back.


-  -  - 


Waking up later that day feeling rested and happy wasn't the first thing I had thought I would do, but I did. Liam had his arms wrapped around me and my back closely into his chest. his nose was pressed against my neck and the tickles of his breath was nice. I loosen his grip and turned in his arms so that I was facing him. 

he was still asleep but I didn't mind. his eyelashes looked so long against his cheeks and his hair was in all different directions but still looked soft. I couldn't resist the urge to touch his cheek. I simply laid my hand flat against his jaw and caressed my thumb over his cheek. his breathing was deep and regular still so I knew that he was sleeping. 

I leaned in and left a soft kiss upon his lips before laying down my head on the pillow again. his eyes flutters and just a few seconds later his face lit up in a smile as he lays his sleepy eyes on me. 

I couldn't begin to explain all the feelings this boy is making me feel. he was making me so happy and he made me forget anything else that didn't matter. he made me feel safe. he made me feel loved. he made me feel like I wasn't alone. 

It felt like the perfect time to tell him what I felt. the sun was seeping through the window making it seem like he had a halo. 


"I love you too." I let out in one breath.


I didn't think that his smile could get any brighter or that his face got get a happier look.

Everything was perfect, everything was like it was suppose to be. it was like we had found the last peace of the puzzle. we couldn't be any happier. 

I just hoped that nothing could changed that and I had nearly talked myself into that nothing could when my phone buzzed letting us know that I had a text message.




I know it has been a while. I'm sorry. but I hope you enjoy the chapter anyway.. let me know what you think?

- Sarah 


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