The Flashback

Serianna is the daughter of a famous popstar. Life is too hard for her. She never received the love of her parents, she longed to have. When she turns sixteen, she receives a book called “The Flashback” by her aunt. The flashback unfolds a story of two childhood friends who eventually fall in love.

It also reveals a shocking truth; Maria isn't her real mother, Alex is. But where is Alex? What happened then? Is she alive? The Flashback will take you the quest of a daughter to find her mother.

Maybe it’s not about the happy ending. Maybe it’s about the story.


5. Chapter 4 : Justin was There



*The next week*


I found out that Justin was coming this Wednesday and the only thing I could do was to take leave. Wednesday approached and I was at home acting to be sick, mom was like.


"Should I call the doctor?" she asked.


"No mom I just need some rest that's all."


The next day, I woke up feeling fresh forgetting about all the mess that was created when I went to school. I was trying to act cool, nothing to be worried about.


"Alex.” Sharon said as I looked behind and smiled.


"Did you meet Justin yesterday?" I asked.


"Umm... Alex." she said.


"Yeah I know, I have missed everything yesterday must have been real fun."


"No Alex. Justin couldn't come yesterday so he is coming today. I am so sorry I tried to call you yesterday, but your mom said you were sick. I didn't want to disturb you" she said without a pause.


"Can I ask you something?" I said as my eyes started watering.


"Yeah sure."


"Why always me?" I started crying.


"I will always be with you don't you worry." Sharon tried her best to solve the problem.


The assembly started, we were back to our classes. During the 2nd class Sharon was called by our music teacher which was a hint that Justin .arrived at the school. After about an hour, Sharon came back.


"The music teacher wants to see Alex in the music room." Sharon said to the teacher.


"You can take her." said the teacher. It was very weird because the music teacher didn't even know my name.


"Sharon what's the matter?" I said on our way to the music room.


"Umm, nothing she just called for some information."






A thought came to mind of Justin being there. I entered the music room and to my surprise, Justin was sitting there!. I was paralyzed for a second and couldn't hear what Sharon was saying. He saw me and at that instant I felt a current through me, his perfect eyes were staring at me. He was more grown up of course. I haven’t seen him for a long time and I didn't know why, I just wanted to hug him and say I was sorry. Sharon pinched me and I came back to my senses.


"Excuse me miss you called me?" I asked the music teacher.


She was lost in her own world and didn't reply to me and left the room. Sharon went to Justin and said something to him in a whisper.


"I am going back to the classroom" I said to Sharon. Justin put aside his guitar and walked towards me, but Sharon stopped him. Sharon and I came out of the music room.


"Don't talk to me." I said being very angry.


"Just listen to me." Sharon said.


"What!?" I shouted at her.

“Just think about I am a belieber. Meeting him meant the world to me. This was my dream” she said smiling and jumping all around

“How can you? Didn’t you even think how would I feel?” I said


She paused for a second and then with a sigh she said “when I met in the music room I was so excited and he even knew my name. Andrea must have told him but, when he asked about you. How were you doing. I realized he actually cared. First, I had only heard about your point of story but today I heard his point of view and then I came to conclusion that you guys just have some misunderstanding to be cleared out. You both want to meet each other desperately but nobody is taking the first step that’s why I agreed. I want to see that friendship back” she said and hugged me.

I didn’t say anything. Then out of a sudden a question popped up in my mind. ‘Does he? Still love? Me?’ No it just can’t happen it is over it was such a long time back.


All of a sudden an announcement was made “Attention please standard 9th to 12th is requested assemble in the conference hall” and there was a loud scream of happiness from the classes.

“Let’s go” Sharon said

“Justin will be performing?” I asked her


“Bye I am going back to the classroom. Don’t argue please”

“As u wish” she said simply. With that she strode into the crowd.

I went to the class. Class was empty everybody had gone for the performance. The show started I could hear Justin’s voice.
I acted as if I hate Justin Bieber in the school but in reality I had all his songs learnt by heart. I put my head down. He was singing ‘Take you’. He sang many songs ‘Maria’, ‘love me’ but then he said “This is today’s last song. I am very happy to be here. Thank you. You guys are amazing” he took a pause and continued “I just wrote it 2 days back u guys are the first one to here it” the crowd started screaming.
“This song is for someone who I wish was here” he said. I looked up.

He started singing “let me tell you a story about a girl and a boy” when he said this a tear fell down from my eyes.
“He fell in love with his best friend
When she's around, he feels nothing but joy
But she was already broken, and it made her blind” I knew he was singing for me. I wanted to go there. But I couldn’t.
“But did you know that I love you? Or were you not aware?
You're the smile on my face
and I am going nowhere” I heard this and I couldn’t resist myself I picked up my bag and ran downstairs to the hall.


I entered the auditorium everybody was singing and dancing as Justin was performing. As I entered the auditorium of more than 500 people! I stood in a corner controlling my tears. When I was about to leave, Justin SAW me. He stopped singing; I was scared what if he calls my name in front of the whole school? But I was wrong he didn’t do anything. I was crying.


He said “Did you know that it breaks my heart every time to see you cry?” then he started singing again. I walked out. He finished the song and after 2 minuets the bell rang and the school got over.

I met Sharon and we walked out of the school.
“Bye meet you tomorrow” Sharon said
“Bye” I replied
I was walking back to my school bus when I saw Sharon coming back.
“You need to come with me” she said



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