The Flashback

Serianna is the daughter of a famous popstar. Life is too hard for her. She never received the love of her parents, she longed to have. When she turns sixteen, she receives a book called “The Flashback” by her aunt. The flashback unfolds a story of two childhood friends who eventually fall in love.

It also reveals a shocking truth; Maria isn't her real mother, Alex is. But where is Alex? What happened then? Is she alive? The Flashback will take you the quest of a daughter to find her mother.

Maybe it’s not about the happy ending. Maybe it’s about the story.


3. CHAPTER 2 : The Three Friends



 I shut my books shut as I heard the recess bell ring. Putting my books in my bag I walked out of the door.


“Hey Alex,” I heard Sharon call out to me. Hearing her voice, I stopped and looked back; I saw her making her way through the crowd. I waited so we could walk out together.


“Hey Sharon, what’s up?” I said as I smiled.

”What is going on with you? You know you can trust Me.” she comforted me as she threw her arm around my shoulder. I sighed as I looked down at my feet. I really didn't mind telling her, but I doubted weather or not she would believe me.


I decided to tell her anyway, but just before I began I saw Andrea walk towards us. I immediately turned on my heels and started walking the other way. I pulled Sharon along with me.


“Hey Alex!” I heard Andrea’s high pitch voice call out to me. ‘Great. Just great.’ I stopped and turned around and greeted her with a fake smile.

”Hey, I just wanted to tell you that he knows that you’re here,” she said with a diabolic smile. I know this will not make sense to you, but those words make complete sense to me. On hearing those words I saw my complete world collapse right in front of me.


“How did he come to know?” Those were the only words that managed to come out of my mouth.

”Well, I came to fill out some forms yesterday and that’s when I saw you. And since you were such a good friend, I decided to do something nice for you. So I called Justin up and asked him to come.” She replied sweetly. At that very moment, I wanted to punch her in her face, but I just felt paralyzed.

”Okay I have to go, I’ll catch with you later,: she smiled and walked off.


“What was that about?” Sharon interrupted my thoughts.

”Well, I-” I began, but she cut me off.


“By ‘Justin’, did she mean ‘Justin Bieber’ by any chance?” She squealed.

Sharon was a huge fan of Justin Bieber and connected everything to him. But just this one time, she was right. Tears filled my eyes. I just wanted to let my emotions flow out.

”Excuse me.” I managed to whisper and walked past Sharon.

”Alex.” Sharon called out.

”I’ll be fine, just give me 10 minutes,” I called out without turning to face her.

After crying for a while in the girls’ bathroom, I realized crying and feeling sorry for myself was not the solution to my problem. I knew I couldn't face this alone. I needed someone’s help, someone I could trust. Sharon. I walked back to class and took a seat beside her.

”Better?” she questioned. I nodded in response.


“ Want to talk about it?” She asked hoping to help me. I took a deep breath.


“Okay, I will tell you, just believe me.” I said and she gave me a comforting smile and nodded.


“Okay, remember I told you that I came to this school five years back? And before this I was in some other school in London?" I inquired.


 "Yeah." She said.


   "I lied to you."  I confessed.


 "What?" I said alarmed.


  "I was born in Stratford, Ontario and after 12 years, we moved here because of my dad's transfer."  I sighed.

”Oh my god, so when Andrea said ‘Justin’ she did mean “Justin Bieber?” Sharon’s mouth formed an ‘O’.

”Yes. I meant to tell you about this earlier,” I looked down at my feet. “In Stratford, Andrea, Justin and I were best friends, we were family friends. We use to share every little secret with each other. We use to do all kinds of things that best friends do," I said not realizing that I was smiling remembering those days.


“You have a bad taste in friends if you claim that Andrea was your friend,” Sharon commented.

”Don’t interrupt,” I rolled my eyes “and just for the record, you’re my friend too.”


“Sorry, go on.” She mumbled. I opened my mouth to continue, but she spoke out again.


“Just one last question. is Justin............Justin BIEBER?” She jumped in her seat.

”Yes,  now may I please continue?” I asked annoyed.

She didn't say a word then but she was very confused because if Justin and I were friend then why do I  pretend to hate Justin Bieber in school?


The teacher walked in. “Great,” I rolled my eyes. “I’ll tell you later.” I whispered to her.




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