The Flashback

Serianna is the daughter of a famous popstar. Life is too hard for her. She never received the love of her parents, she longed to have. When she turns sixteen, she receives a book called “The Flashback” by her aunt. The flashback unfolds a story of two childhood friends who eventually fall in love.

It also reveals a shocking truth; Maria isn't her real mother, Alex is. But where is Alex? What happened then? Is she alive? The Flashback will take you the quest of a daughter to find her mother.

Maybe it’s not about the happy ending. Maybe it’s about the story.


1. The Book

Serianna SLAMMED the door on her dad’s face. She locked herself in the room.


“Leave me Alone!” she yelled as she heard her dad knocking on the door.


“Serianna please open the door. Listen to me” her dad said as he tried to calm her down.


“It’s not SERIANNA! Its SRIZ….SRIZ! Don’t you get that?”


“Okay Sriz can u open the door please?”


 She didn’t replied and after a while she realized her dad was not at the door anymore.

She hated everyone! Everyone! Her Friends. Her MOM. Her DAD!. Aunt Veniz! THE WHOLE FREAKIN WORLD!


There was a reason for all this. Her dad was the famous rich pop star JUSTIN BIEBER! And her Mom was a fashion designer. She never got the love she should have got from her parents she thought, but the reality was that her dad loved her a lot. Her dad was busy all the time doing his tours and stuff and so was her mom. She hated the fact of being JUSTIN BIEBER’s daughter. Her parents were busy all the time that is why sometimes she felt neglected.


Her dad tried every possibility to talk to her but after she entered her teens she made a new group of friends or what people call as a “Bad Company!”. She was out the whole day and ended up fighting with her parents everyday but this time it was different she really needed her mom with her but she felt as if her mom hated her cause her mom never tried to help her or talk to her when she needed her. She was crying after all these things and the main reason was Brian, her boyfriend ditched her.


Love Sucks she thought as she cried herself to sleep.


It was her birthday. She was going to be 16 today. She woke up feeling annoying. She wasn’t happy at all she didn’t even care about her birthday, why would she? Nobody celebrated it. Her dad had gone to Las Vegas last night as it was a part of his tour. He was never there for her birthday. From the last 6 years all she was doing on her birthday was going on a 7 star hotel to have dinner with her mom and Aunt Veniz. This time also same thing was going To happen.


After taking a bath She went downstairs, Aunt Veniz was there.


“Happy Birthday! Sweetheart.” Aunt Veniz said giving her a hug.


Aunt Veniz was the only person she talked to in the house and had respect for. She hugged her back. Aunt Veniz gave her the gift her dad had bought her. On her Birthday her dad always bought a gift for her but she hated it. She took the gift and kept it in the cupboard a cupboard full of gifts her dad gave her. She never opened them cause for her the presence of her parents at the time she needed them was the real gift for her.


Aunt Veniz had made her favorite breakfast. She ate it and headed back to her room.


“Don’t you have to go to school today” Aunt Veniz asked


“No. I don’t feel well” Serianna answered.


Aunt Veniz didn’t said anything after that she knew that Serianna wanted to be alone. All of these years she has seen her grow up and she knew how she felt but she couldn’t help it. Justin has to go on tours and that was his profession and Marie Serianna’s mom never cared about her she was to busy with the fame she got.


Aunt Veniz was very upset. Serianna turned 16 today. Today was the day she had been worried about. She has to tell Serianna the truth but she didn’t know how she would react. She was scared if Serianna got angry and did something to herself or she started hating Veniz or she got upset and went into depression. Serianna was a very sensitive child. She was very strong from outside but from inside she had a weak heart. Aunt Veniz knew she shouldn’t have hidden it from her but she followed the rules.


Veniz went to her room and opened her cupboard inside the cupboard there was a very beautiful box kept on the side. It had embroidery on the outside and with a board on the top with “MY LIFE” written on it. A tear fell from her eyes when she took it out from her cupboard. She could remember all the memories attached with it. The happy moments  with those dreadful incidents the box was the key to all those things that had happened and was very important. It had the contained the things of somebody’s life. The box had belonged to someone very special.


She took the box to Serianna’s room. It was the time for Serianna to know the truth.


“May I come in Sriz?” Aunt Veniz asked politely.


“Yes you may” Serianna replied.


Aunt Veniz entered the room. Serianna was lying on her bed, listening to music. She got as her aunt entered.


“Serianna I need to tell you something very important, promise me you will try to understand all that happened was for your own good.” Aunt Veniz said.


Serianna didn’t get her but she knew this was actually something very important.


“Okay” she promised.


“I can’t tell you everything. So please don’t ask me why , how , where , when this happened. You are 16 now you should try to understand. I know I should have told you all this before but your mom” she took a pause.


“your mom wanted me to give this box to you only when you turn 16” she continued


Aunt Veniz handed over the box to Serianna.


“This box contains the life of your mom. The mom who gave birth to you I know it would be hard for you but Marie is not your real mom, Alex is real mom!” Aunt Veniz sobbed.


“What?” Serianna was totally shocked.



She had no idea what this all was about but when she heard that Marie was not her real mom and Alex she had never heard the name before. She felt that the world just broke down in front of her. So many questions were coming up in her mind. She felt very uneasy but somehow she got the strength to know the truth.


“who is my mom?” Serianna said


“who is your mom? How is she? Where is she? Why did she leave you? All those questions have answers in this book. I am not the right person to tell you all this. This box contains things she valued and a book that will answer your questions” Aunt Veniz got up and  left the room.



Tears were filled in Serianna’s eyes. She didn’t even know how to react. She wondered where her mom was right now. She felt as if she was losing her consciousness. Tears on tears descended from her eyes when opened the box.


There were lots of things in the box. She took out a pen with “A.J.B” written on it.

Then she took out loads of drawings mostly of place like in storybooks a pond a beautiful mountain. Then she found a drawing in which there was a boy and girl holding hands.

She searched for more things she found a small packet she opened it. It had contained collection of coins loads of coins, coins from different countries. Then there were wristbands with  “I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER” written on it. then finally she got what she had been looking for a book. She took it out “Alex’s story” she read the cover page she opened it. there was a photo of three friends , two girls and a boy in between. She flipped the page.


There was an introduction “This is not just a diary. I know I am a crazy writer so I instead of writing I diary, I will write a book, it will contain all the chapters as a book all those things that a book contain. so lets start the adventures of my life” Serianna read


She flipped the page “CHAPTER 1: THE NEW ADMISSION” was the first chapter of the book. she started to read.

















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