After a past with her father, Miranda moves in with her mom. Now she is a normal human living with her mother in Jersey.
Starting a new life and forgetting her past. She makes friends with Melody and catches a certain boy eye. Or two. Now Miranda has to face the truth of her family and future but when a vampire shows up. Will she make a change and help them for the good of her heart? Or will they use her to get to the royal crown of her mate?


5. Chapter Five

Okay so here's chapter five. Sorry for spelling errors, I'm typing this on my phone.



How do you know when something is real? Would you pinch yourself awake? Would you stay asleep? Or would you let darkness take over you?

Well I asked myself all of these questions. Maybe even tried one but I still cant tell the difference between what's real or what's an illusion.

"Maybe I can help you?" I turned around and looked at a girl that had a happy expression," It looks like your not from around here."

"What is here?" I asked the girl as my surroundings change into a cave and sand.

She lean against a rock.

"Okay so I guess no one taught you how the supernatural works." she sigh," this will mean a lot of explaining.

"So what is here?" I repeat my question.

She was pulled out of her thought and smiled at me brightly.

"This is where i live and my family. The supernatural is divided apart from our kind."

"Our?" i question.

She smile.

"No human is allowed here, only our kind can get here." she responds and i nodded.

"What is this place?" she grabbed my arm and guided me to follow her.

"It's where the mermaids live and we trend to love peace except the government because they like to change everything. Even we have to follow the rules and there are consequences." she said.

"So its like the human world?" I asked.

She shrugged." We like it peaceful and don't welcome surprising guest. Actually, we rarely have an guest unless its a new guest."

"So how did I get here. I mean I ever imagine a  place like this nor thought it was real." I told her.

She gave me a assuring smile.

"I don't understand it either but I'm pretty sure your meant to be here since you have no clue where you are." she responds.

"I have to wait until I figure out why I'm here so I could go back to Earth?"

She nodded.

"That's what I'm guessing but don't loose hope. Maybe you came here for another reason. Maybe you were sent to learn the true."

But how much of the truth can I handle?


Triton's POV

(I've been waiting to write this!!!!!!)

"Father." I gave my father a hug and he grin at me.

"My son, what has brought you here to the kingdom? Are you in any trouble? Did you cause a war again? I swear your mother wil-."

"Father, I didn't start it this time."

"What do you mean this time?" he asked." Are you starting  bullshit again?"

"It wasn't me, the rogues were on territory."

He raised his eyebrow.

"This is new. The wolves don't like us but laws is family to them." he rubbed his chin." are you sure that they werewolves?" he asked me.

I thought.

"It came from their territory." I answered.

"Maybe its not them. Maybe its someone trying to get into your head so you can start war." I nodded," just talk it out with the pack leader and see what happens."

"Thanks." I mumbled.

He nodded and sent me back.


"Alpha Nickolas, just the person I wanted to talk to." he growled at my words.

"Cut the bullshit. We both know that you think I broke our treaty, which I didn't but I think I know who." he told me.

"We know that you like to play games and always have patient person that is waiting for your pawns to move." I hissed at him.

"On another note, how's that mate of your. I heard she has the bluest eyes that looks almost like......"

"You wont say a thing." I warned him.

"You can't say that she doesn't reminds you if Him. Your father will not accepect her."

" And what will you get out of this?" I asked.

"You need someone to protect your mate and a place to turn to if your father wouldnt accepect."

I sigh." I was going to yell at you and probably ask for war but your changing my mind, why? Wolves hate our kind."

"Lets just say that maybe there is a time for a change."

I was starting at get curious.

"Did you find your mate?" I smirk.

"No." He growled.

I was about to appolgize when he cut me off.

"I don't need your pity and most certainly not from you. Worry about your mate instead of me." Then he hung up.

I shook my head at his behavior when suddenly my sister appeared at the doorway.

"Alpha Nickolas is giving you problems?" she asked.

I glared at her when she said alpha.

"He's not your alpha." I inform her.

She shrugged." Formalites matter."

"But you never called me prince or father king." I countered.

She rolled her eyes.

"That's not important. What is important is that Miranda has to be protected at all cost."

I nodded in agreement.

"I'll go check on her and you just figure out a way to protect her, you know that if they find ou-"

"They won't." I paused." They would have to go through hell to get to her."



Still lost somewhere

So Varina, the girl I met, and I were heading to the village. Apparntely, some witch's got permission to

"Just don't talk to anyone or anything, we don't want to cause any trouble." she spoke.

I nodded in understandment.

She leaded the way to the village. I would imagine it differently.  I thought of nomadic people and people carrying foods. Suprised, I looked at the modern houses and techology in their hands. It looks so normal like Earth. But we weren't on Earth. We were in some magical world that I was sent for an unknown reason.

We blend in with the crowd of people that were trying to get through. Thankfully, they moved out our way so we can arrive at a store. We opened the door and the store looked empty. Varina went to ho find the witchs while I stayed back and looked around. I picked up a bottle that contain a certain flower. Then Varina walks in with a lady beside her.
I put the bottle down and step forward. The lady stood in front of me and examine me.

"She doesn't seem too scared." she said.

I raised my brow.
"Your kidding me, right? I've been here for the past hour and still don't know where or what the hell is this. My bestfriend is missing. I don't know who my father is. My mate is somewhere that I don't know. My mother is too poctective and I don't know what the fuck is happening." I yelled.

Maybe I won't handle the truth.


Sorry for updating late but I have been busy with school. I will be more busy with my testing of the state and getting into high school but I am working on the next chapter so don't worry. I have everything under control.

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