After a past with her father, Miranda moves in with her mom. Now she is a normal human living with her mother in Jersey.
Starting a new life and forgetting her past. She makes friends with Melody and catches a certain boy eye. Or two. Now Miranda has to face the truth of her family and future but when a vampire shows up. Will she make a change and help them for the good of her heart? Or will they use her to get to the royal crown of her mate?


1. Chapter One

This is my second story and I wanted to write this but my vision has changed about it. My first story Bloodline, this is kind of the off-spin and I just thought about that like five seconds ago. I hope you can enjoy this story. And yes there will be wolves and vampires and they will be appearing soon. I hope you like this story and there will be mythology in this story.





Miranda's POV

I inside my mom's car waiting. It's been a few weeks after I got back from my father's funeral. I may be lying if I didn't that I don't miss him. My father was a good man everyone's eyes but I've been the only one to actually see the true him. Suddenly the divers door open. I looked up and saw my mom. Her dark brunette hair and dark blue eyes settled me. I looked more like my mom than I do to my dad. Actually I look nothing like him. I have my mom's brown hair, dark blue eyes, and tan skin. I was glad that I turned to look like my mom, she always used to tell me that it ran through the family genes and most are luck to get it. My mother smiled at me.

"Ready?" she asked while siting in the divers sit and turning on the car.

I weakly nodded and lean back on the seat.

"This is going to be a long trip." I thought to myself.

We arrived at this neighborhood with little children playing  hopscotch and drawing on the pavement with chalk. My mom grabbed my hand and my head turned to her direction. She gave me a reassuring smile before parking in front of a two story house. I could feel my jaw drop at the sight of the house. It was amazing. A soft cream color and a dark blue color was the outside.  The door was a see through door and the windows were shiny. I followed my mom to the front door as she unlocked the door. I stepped inside the house and looked around. Everything looked fancy. The living room was warm and cozy and the dinning room was huge.

"I'm assuming you want to see your room?" my mom asked from behind me.

I nodded and we walked up the stairs. My mom made some turns and opened the door. I peaked inside and saw my favorite color. Blue. I stepped from behind my mom and entered my room. My bed was big and had soft whit covers and everything looked like it was set up.

"I'll bring your clothes up." my mom told me.

I grabbed my phone from my back pocket for any missed calls.

Seven miss calls.








I sigh. I called Hana and she went on and on about how her boyfriend broke up with her and not bother to ask me if I safely made it to my new house. She was my best friend but she sometimes isn't nice and judges me but that really doesn't bother me. Luke however was my ex boyfriend who cheated on me but no one wouldn't tell me who was it. I throw my phone on my bed and walked to the window. I stared at a girl with blond hair and blue eyes. She was really pretty . She was painting her nails and looked up at me. She had her phone on her neck and held it close to her ear. She packed away her stuff and grabbed her phone before leaving her room and shutting the door close. I continued to saw at her door for a few seconds when the door bell ringed.

"Miranda, we have guest." my mom yelled.

 I groan and went downstairs.



I was sitting in the living room with my neighbors and my mom. My mom forced me to play nice and show her my room. I complied and told the blond girl to follow. She was right behind me when I enter my mom. She stared at me room in amazement.

"I love your room." she replied.

I nodded.

"I'm Melody." she sat on my bed.

I didn't replied but stare at the ceiling.

I hear her sigh and walked passed by me.

"I didn't know you could draw." My attention turned to her.

She held up a piece of paper with a person swimming with a tail on the end of their body. I shook my head.

"It's not mine." I whispered.

Melody looked confused but didn't respond. She left the paper on my bed and turned to me.

"I guess that's on thing that we have in common. We don't like to open ourselves with strangers." And with that she walked out the room.

I stood there in shock before laying on my bed and falling asleep.



I was woke up at 7 and got ready for my first day of school. I quickly took a shower and dress into a long grey sleeves shirt and a black skirt that stopped a few inches before my knee. I kept my hair out and ran down the stairs. I found my mom making coffee and she gave me a smile when I walked in.

"Ready for your first day of school?" she asked.

I raised my eyebrow. Why was she happy?

"Yeah. Something like that." I replied.

She smiled even more.

"I just know that something good is going to happen to you." she told me.

I grabbed a glass of orange juice.

"Then can you tell me of this good feeling?" I asked.

She frown at me.

"No but what I can tell you is, don't be afraid. I know your scare to let people into your life but you have to make friends and listen to your heart. Even if it looks bad just listen to it, it can lead you to a good choice." she answered.

I took a deep breath in.

"Even if it involves the law and me being in jail..." I trailed off.

She shook her head." Not even that."

I grabbed my jacket and book bag.

"Okay, I guess I'll have a good day at school." I told her while I took my key and walked to school.

I opened my door and saw Melody walking out, too. I quickly walked down the stairs and grabbed Melody arm.

She insisted that I follow her and I did.

"Anything I should know?" I put my phone in my pocket.

She grin.

"They don't like new people." she replied.

I frown.

"What do you mean "they"?" I was confused.

She caught my eye.

"You'll see." she answered as we got closer to the school.

I stared at the school. It looked like a normal old creepy school and as I thought, people were staring at me. Melody speed to the school and dragged me along. She asked me for her schedule and  we basically had every class together. I let her led the way to the school and she introduced me to her best friend. Tricia.

"So your new?" she asked.

I crossed my arms over my chest.

"It's obvious since you've never seen me." I replied.

I could see a rose color fill her cheeks and didn't respond. Melody only laughed.

"She's a bit awkward." Melody answered.

"Am not." Tricia argued.

"Can we got to class?" I asked.

They raised their eyebrow's at me.

"Don't you want to go to your locker?" they asked.

I sigh and shook my head.

Tricia looked at Melody. Melody stared at the front doors.

"I'll catch with you guys later." Melody said before leaving.

I gave Tricia a questionable look. She shrugged.

"You'll get used to it. It will feel like she's never there." she told me.

"You sound so.... lonely." I replied.

She gave me a small smile.

"That's me." she playfully punched my arm and guided me to class.

The teacher forced me to talk about myself when a boy ran into the class with a group with him. Melody was with them but I was to busy checking out the guy and not realizing that Melody was beside me. Dark hair color and was tall. He wore a shirt that clearly showed that he worked out. In the middle of talking with the teacher he turned to my direction and he stared at me. I caught his deep sea blue eyes and made me want to walk up to him and...-

"Stop staring." someone whispered in my ear and then felt a sharp pain on my arm.

"God Damn it." I jumped up and touched my arm.

I felt all eyes on me even the teacher.

"I said that out loud." I told myself.

Then everyone was now laughing at me even the guy that was hot. I could have sworn that my face was deep red. The teacher was about to say something but the guy stopped him and whispered in his ear. The teacher told me to sit down and the class to settle down. I turned to my right and Tricia mouth sorry and listen to the teacher. I looked up and saw the guy that stared at me and grin at me.

"Way to go, Miranda." I thought to myself.


So what do you think?

This is only the beginning and there will be werewolves in this.


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