Dangerous Temptations - a Harry Styles fanfic

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder... well what happens when Lillian is told by her father not to fall for the curly- haired player every girl melts for? Will she obey her fathers commands or does her heart tell her different?...


4. chapter four

~Lillian's P.O.V~ 

I woke up to the sound of shushing, giggling and whispering. I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was Harry's smiling face. I gave him a half smile and sat up, realizing that I was asleep on him lap and we weren't in the car any more. I looked around and saw Niall and Louis grinning at me and then at Harry. "Where am I?" I said rubbing my eyes "Oh, right you've never been here before. Well this is my house" Liam said walking in from what looks like the kitchen "Would you like a tour?" He said walking towards me, holding out his hand, I took it and he helped me up. "Well this is the living room, if you hadn't guessed already" Liam said with a slight chuckle "Yeah, I figured" I replied following Liam through his rather large hallway. I followed Liam around his house for a good 10 minutes while he explained each room and what was in it to me. If I'm honest i wasn't really listening to him, I'm was mainly thinking about all the whispering that took place as I was waking up. We returned to the living room and I stood in the doorway watching Harry and Louis messing about on the sofa, Harry then spotted me and pushed Louis out of the seat he was in so I could sit down next to him. Louis huffed and got up and sat next to Liam "What shall we do today then? Cinema anyone?" Zayn suggested looking up from his phone and directing the question at me "Yeah sounds good!" I replied. Everyone jumped up and ran to the front door, Harry stood up and held his hands out and helped me up. We walked to the car in silence, I didn't know what to say so I did say anything. The ride to the cinema was hilarious! The boys were taking it in turns to tell me embarrassing stories about each other. Some of them were quite funny and some were just plain mean to say but I found it hilarious! Then Louis looked at Harry and gave him a cheeky smile, then began to talk "So, you wanna hear a quite embarrassing story about little Haz over here?" He said messing up Harry's hair while Harry tried to cover Louis' mouth "Well, okay then" I replied in between laughs "Harry fancies..." I didn't hear the rest because Louis stopped talking to cry out in pain because Harry bit Louis' arm "Teaches you not to tell my embarrassing stories to people when you know they are utter bullshit!" Harry snapped at Louis, he was obviously pissed at him for nearly telling me something he didn't want me to hear, Louis rolled his eyes and mouthed "I'll tell you later" to me, I giggled at looked at Harry who was preoccupied by his phone so I stared out the window.

After about 20 minutes we were at the cinema, all the boys rushed out of the car and ran into the building to go and choose the movie, I was walking behind them, concentrating on my phone, I had been getting texts all day from Stacy who was freaking out about me working with One Direction 'To: Stac From: Me 'omg you need to calm down! You can meet them soon if you want? gtg in the cinema with the boys bye x' I turned off my phone and the automatic doors opened and I saw a bunch of boys arguing about what film to want. I wondered over to them and Niall shouted "Lets watch Gravity!!" "YEAH!" Liam agreed "No! Me and Zayn want to watch Thor 2!" Louis shouted and Zayn nodded "What about you Harry?" I said "I don't mind, how about you choose?" Harry said, the rest of the boys looked at me "Well I wanted to watch The Conjuring" I said, I don't know why because I hated scary movies and I'd heard that the conjuring was super scary! "Sure, 6 tickets to see The Conjuring please" Niall said to the Lady at the till, she handed Niall the tickets and he paid for them. We didn't get anything else because we just had lunch and the film had already started. During the film I was cuddling up to Harry, who was conveniently sat next to me (his choice not mine) and Niall was trying to hide on me which wasn't working very well on his behalf. There was a bit that wasn't scary so I sat up and continued to watch the movie and then a REALLY scary bit happened and I jumped and cuddle Harry and it obviously scared him too and he turned his face and we were inches apart, staring into each others eyes, he leaned in to kiss me and I backed away and started cuddling with Niall. After the movie it was kind of awkward between me and Harry so I decided to sit near the window next to Liam, I just sang quietly along with the radio. I was so into the song that I didn't notice my singing getting louder and louder until I realised I was belting out the words to Disco Love by The Saturdays and all the boys were staring at me, mouths wide open. I went as red as a tomato and giggled a bit in embarrassment and continued to stare out the window the entire way home. No one said anything the whole way home, probably because I made it obvious that it had embarrassed me but that wasn't the case when we go back to Liam's. As soon as we walked in the door I was bombarded with questions and comments like "Oh my god I didn't realise you were that good at singing?" When they know I'm going on tour with them and I'm their opening act so obviously I sing. Maybe they thought I just got the job because I am Simon's daughter but that really isn't the case. After about 10 minutes the pestering had stopped and we had decided on what we were going to do next. We decided we were going to go to swimming in Louis' house but I didn't have my swimming costume and I really wanted Stacy to come so we drove to mine and picked up Stacy who had my stuff in her bag.

We got to Louis' and everyone ran to the indoor pool and jumped in but I had to go and change. I was looking around Louis' house for 15 minutes before Harry came running over asking me if I was lost "I need to find somewhere to change" I said to Harry trying not to stare at his extremely toned body and muscular arms. "Urmm... follow me, You can change in the spare room. It's where I sleep when I stay here" He said catching my hand and leading me upstairs into a reasonably big room, I walked in and put my stuff down on the bed in the centre of the room "I'll wait outside, if you need my just shout" He said shutting the door behind him. I began to strip, letting all my clothes fall at my feet, I then picked up my bikini bottoms and put them on and placed my bikini top on but I struggled to do it up "Harry! Can you help me please?" I shouted and Harry came rushing in "Could you tie this up please?" I asked and turned around, Harry picked up the strings around my upper back and tied them in a tight bow and then he picked up the strings around my neck and before  he tied them in a bow, he kissed the back of my neck. Harry then finished tying up my bikini and span me around so our faces were inches apart like in the cinema but this time I didn't hesitate, I leaned in and kissed him hard, smiling when he began to kiss back. I'd wanted to do this all day! The kiss started to get heated and Harry moved his hands down my torso and onto my bum, the kiss then didn't feel right because we'd only known each other a little while so I pulled away "Harry we can do this now!" I whispered, realising the window was open and everyone was outside "Ok, lets go downstairs then" Harry said lifting me up and carrying me downstairs. He then put me down just as we got to the back doors. I enjoyed the rest of the day, a smile not moving from my face. I went to sleep that night wondering what would have happened if I didn't break the kiss...

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