One Way Or Another


3. Movie Night

Chapter 3

*Katies pov*


We pulled into Liams Driveway and hopped out of the car we went inside and walked up to his room. I set my stuff by the bedroom door and entered. 

"I still cant believe the size of this room" i laughed

"Well I havnt seen your room yet" he winked 

"Well my parents are away at work and i swear if our cleaner sees you in my room,  my parents will come and i might never see you again!!" i looked at him and his faced softened.

He looked at me cheekily and stepped forward.He brushed past me and walked to his gaming system. 

"Time for Black-ops again eh?" I smiled

"I can not be beat by you again!" he smiled

God how i wanted to kiss him.

We played the game and talked for a good two hours. His parents were out and left us alone. 

"Movie Night?" he asked putting his hand out for me to take. 

"You know the drill. You get the movies i get the popcorn!"

He nodded and ran down the stairs to the living room while i ran to the kitchen to make the popcorn. 

I walked into the living room and i set down the popcorn on the coffee table. Liam wasnt in there. I went to turn around but a pair of arms wrapped around my waist and i screamed. But Thank god it was only Liam.

"Why do you have to do that?" I said 

He looked me in the eyes and said we were watching a movie in his room tonight. We do this some nights. Get in our sweats and lie down on his bed with the laptop. But since its a single bed i have to snuggle up and rest my head on his chest. Most nights we end up like that. Snuggled up into eachother.

We ran  up to his room and he put the toy story movie up on the laptop. 

When the movie ended Liam fell asleep on my shoulder. I shut the laptop closed and put it down on the floor. I put his head down on the pillow and snuggled up into his chest.

And I fell asleep in his arms




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