One Way Or Another


2. English Daydreaming

Chapter 2

*katie's pov*

I was sitting  in English and thanks to the lovely seating plan i was sitting in between Elizabeth and Julia. I was taking down notes when my phone buzzed in my pocket. I took it out and read it.

from liam<3 - hey:) when your done with class meet me by my car.

to liam<3 - ok see you soon 

I slipped it back into my pocket and looked at the note on my table. It was from elizabeth because if you spoke a word in Ms. Acheson's class you would be well in trouble. She had written on the note "so do you think liam will make a move?"

i wrote back "Nope he wont ok we are just friends"

she wrote " well katie, I dont know how to tell you this.."

and with that the bell went. We walked to our lockers which were flooded by the first years. She looked at me and said

"can i please tell you now!"

i sighed "ok, shoot"

she sighed and said "Ok so you know how nialls room is nextdoor to mine and i can hear everything he says or does in  there?"

I asked confused "Yeah?"

She smiled and squealed "LIAM LIKES YOU!"

I close my locker "For real!"

she smiled "Yeah, Im so happy for you" she smiled and hugged me.

I guess time will tell.

*At Liams car*

I walked over to Liams car and he was no where to be seen. That was odd. School ended 5 minutes ago. I put my bag on the hood of his car and unzipped it. When i felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist.

I flinched until Liam whispered into my ear "Hey babe! you ready to go?"

I laughed "Ya just dont scare me like that ok!"

He turned me around and looked me in the eyes. I loved his chestnut brown eyes. They stared into my sole every time he did this. He smiled a devilish smile and pulled me closer. Maybe this was it. He might actually pull a move. 

But no. He hugs me and walks to the drivers seat. He looks back at me "You ok love?"

I snap out of my trail of thought and look toward him "Yeah yeah lets go"

I grab my bag and hop into the car. And Headed to Liams place. Maybe Elizabeth got the wrong idea.


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