Popular Nerd [The High School Series]

15 year old, Ally Windom, use to be the School Nerd. Being called "Ally Nerdom" on the daily, as well as constantly getting mocked for your intelligence can take its toll, and eventually Ally left the school. Her new school, Southland High School, is completely different to Ally's old school. The populars were now the outcasts, and the nerds were now the populars. Ally's absolutely relieved when she hears that, immediately making friends with her fellow Nerdling, Niall Horan. Now Ally's popular, she's completely protected from bully's. Eventually she develops feelings for her friend Niall, but things get a little more complicated when she meets the outcast of the school. Harry Styles. Now Ally's torn between two, with no idea who she wants more. Is Ally going to give up her popularity for Harry? Or will she stay with Niall and forget about Harry?


5. Chapter 5: Silly Teenage Sh**

"So!" Josh slapped his hands together. "How are you Ally? It's been a while!"


"I'm fine, thanks. You?"


I pulled on a smile and he nodded.


"Yeah, same…"


"Cut the bullshit!" Rebecca exclaimed. "What the hell is up with you two?! You use to be best friends! What happened?"


Rebecca looked at me for an answer, I shrugged. How was I suppose to know? I was just as confused as she was.


"Don't ask me. Ask your brother, he's the one that seemed to have a problem with me."


I mumbled. Rebecca shifted her gaze to her younger brother, who coward away from it, moving his gaze to the delicious looking frozen yoghurt machine. I mentally rolled my eyes.  Still obsessive with frozen yoghurt I see… I mused. Somethings never change.


"Well… That's something personal."


Rebecca scoffed loudly, rolling her green eyes at her brother's lame reply. I've gotta admit, it was a stupid answer. Especially when Rebecca's the one who asked the question. I always admired Rebecca, she was absolutely gorgeous. With long black hair and beautiful green eyes, her tan skin was always glowing and her figure was perfect. Not too skinny, but not fat at all. I've been looking up to Rebecca for as long as I can remember… Josh, he looked a lot like his sister. But his hair was short, his green eyes were slightly darker, he was broad and strong and he always seemed to be smirking. Well, around his friends at least. When I see him, he frowns, scurry's away and leaves me to wonder what ever happened to us. Hopefully, I got to find out why today.


"Right now, there's no such thing as personal. So spill."


Rebecca ordered him. I stood quietly by the register, fiddling with fingers as I listened to the two. I heard Josh sigh and mutter a "fine" before he began.


"I have a reputation, okay? When I started high school, I was the "cool guy" and I've never been that guy. At first, I did try and convince them that you were actually a legitimately cool and awesome girl… But they wouldn't budge. I hated seeing you hurt, I hated seeing you cry, I hated you. I hated the fact that the sight of you made my want to cry because I hated myself for letting them hurt you. So I convinced myself that I hated you." He stopped and looked at me. My heart was pounding and I wanted to cry at the memories. 


"I'm sorry, Ally." He said softly. "I really am sorry for letting them bully you and treat you the way they did, but I was too afraid to ruin my reputation. I miss you so much, but I'm so fucking relieved you left and you have good friends who will look after you and treat you better than I ever did. "


He was standing right in front of me by now and Rebecca had disappeared. Ugh, she knew this would happen. I let out a ragged breath and took my first step towards him and embraced him in a hug. He engulfed me and though he was taller than me, I felt like I was the one comforting him. He dug his face into my neck and muttered apologies, while I rubbed his back and kissed his ear.


"It's okay, Josh. I'm happy now. The past is just the past, right?"


I tried to make him feel better, with huge success. He smiled as we released each other.




He whispered. It was silent for almost two seconds before Rebecca burst in with the loudest of squeals.


"Yay! You guys are best friends again!"


She giggled to herself while Josh and I blushed.


"Naw, I missed you two. Y'know, you guys were like twins. You did everything in the exact same way. I don't know about now, but you guys still have that spark that you use to."


Rebecca rambled on and on, she didn't stop there. She just kept going. Josh and I ended up going outside after a while, waiting for Rebecca to finish work. When we got outside, Josh's friends were still there, talking amongst themselves. I frowned and moved away from Josh to sit on the table outside the shop. Josh noticed my absence and frowned also, joined me on the table.


"Josh! What are you doing?"


He looked at Penny, who was shooting daggers at me.


"Hanging out with my best friend. Do you have a problem with that?"


He rolled his eyes at her. Penny gasped.


"Yes, actually. I do. Now get over here, we're leaving."


She ordered him. He looked at me and smirked. This isn't good, I thought, he's going to do something bad… His back was facing them so they couldn't see his wink, but my goodness, if they did...




He said. Her eyes went wide and Hunter stifled a laugh, only to get hit by his girlfriend.


"What did you say?"


She spat with fury. Josh only chuckled.


"I said no. And I'm breaking up with you."


He said. Now I gasped and covered my mouth. Holy shitaki mushrooms… He is dead.


"What? No you're not! Don't be ridiculous!"


She waved him off. He turned around to her.


"I'm going to be ridiculous and break up with you. I'm sick of your shit, Penny. If you can't accept Ally for who she is, which is amazing by the way, then I won't accept you. So piss off, Ally and I have some catching up to do."


He spat at her. I swear, if she was the devil, she could have grown red horns at that moment and torn Josh's throat out. But she kept her cool and let out a breath.


"Fine. But don't come crying to me, when you go to school and you're suddenly unpopular."


She said, but Josh scoffed.


"Penny, you were only popular because of me. Everyone thought we had the "perfect relationship", now that that's over, I'm going to have girls chasing after me."


Said Josh. Penny looked enraged, but Josh didn't care.


"You know what? Whatever! I'm going! Bye!"


She glared at the two of us and walked off. Lisa followed after her, but Hunter stayed. After getting a few scowls from Penny and Lisa he waved them off.


"Sorry babe, but it's bro's before hoe's."


I heard him say. She replied asking if he was calling her a hoe and what surprised me was, he said yes. That resulted in another break up and the roars of laughter from Josh and I when Hunter got slapped in the face. I'm gonna take that as payback for being an A-hole to me for all these years. Wow. Just wow. Hunter joined us afterwards, groaning as he rubbed his face.


"Stupid bitch…"


He muttered. Josh rolled his eyes.


"Hey, Ally. Sorry for being a dick to you. I'll stop now…"


He said. I smiled and thanked him.


"Now, how is everything? How's your parents? James? Maria? I miss them y'know, they were always cool with me."


Said Josh. Hunter sat back and listened to our conversation.


"Um.. Well… It's actually pretty good. I mean, my life outside of school when I was at Madison was really cool. Mum and Dad are still the same…"


I trailed off at the thought. I should probably get home soon, they might need me. Doubt it.


"Still work obsessed and delusional?"


He asked. I nodded.


"Exactly that. James and Maria miss you too. They've been asking about you, wondering how you are. Otherwise, everything is good."


I answered.


"How about your new school? What school are you going to anyway?"


Hunter asked. I smiled at the thought of my cool and awesome day…


"It's great! The school's called Southland. I've made a few friends... Harry, Lou and El are 3 of them. I'm actually going to Harry's this weekend to hang out with him Lou, El, Perrie and Zayn. But on Friday I'm going to hang out with Niall and his friends, Danielle, Justin and Liam… At least, I think I am. I don't know… But I had an awesome day, the teachers are nice, the principles weirdly cool and people actually like me there."


I explained happily.


"Southland… Argh! That school knows how to play football man… They killed us last time we played them."


Said Hunter. Josh rolled his eyes.


"That's great, Ally. Why does that weird one that I thought was gay call you Ally-Bear?"


Asked Josh. I shrugged.


"I don't know. He just made it up today… He's a weird one, but he's not gay. His name's Louis and he's actually really funny. That girl that was with him, her name's Eleanor, that's his girlfriend."


I said. Hunter cursed.


"I was hoping to ask her out. Any hot girls at Southland?"


Hunter asked, I chuckled.


"Loads. But none that I know are single. If I do find someone single, I'll be sure to let you know."


I said. He thanked me and after that, we were engrossed in our own conversation. It was nice to talk to Josh and Hunter, without any legitimate insults. We were getting along great and I didn't know it was possible, but my day got so much better. By 6:30pm, Rebecca was locking up the shop and she took Hunter and I home. Surprisingly, Hunter lived down the street from me, so he promised to come see me every once in a while. I got everyones number, Hunter, Josh's and Rebecca's and as soon as the car drove off, I got a text from both boys saying;


"Had an awesome time with you, Ally! Can't wait to hang out with you again!"


And when everything was good and I felt like I was glowing in the dark, I got inside and my heart dropped.

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