Popular Nerd [The High School Series]

15 year old, Ally Windom, use to be the School Nerd. Being called "Ally Nerdom" on the daily, as well as constantly getting mocked for your intelligence can take its toll, and eventually Ally left the school. Her new school, Southland High School, is completely different to Ally's old school. The populars were now the outcasts, and the nerds were now the populars. Ally's absolutely relieved when she hears that, immediately making friends with her fellow Nerdling, Niall Horan. Now Ally's popular, she's completely protected from bully's. Eventually she develops feelings for her friend Niall, but things get a little more complicated when she meets the outcast of the school. Harry Styles. Now Ally's torn between two, with no idea who she wants more. Is Ally going to give up her popularity for Harry? Or will she stay with Niall and forget about Harry?


4. Chapter 4: Ice Cream fight.

Ally's P.O.V


So today was quite interesting for my first day. I cried, caused an argument, made friends and actually enjoyed my time with everyone. It was funny at first, I mean, I'm still trying to find my place. Just like any other new girl would. But I've already been invited to somebodies house this weekend, so I'm super excited. What makes it better is it's with Harry! I walked out of class grinning like an idiot, until I heard someone call my name. I turned around to see Danielle chasing after me. I had texted Maria and James earlier on today that I'd be catching a ride home.


"Hey Danielle! What's up?"


She caught up with me pretty quickly.


"Well I was wondering what you were doing this weekend?"


She asked. I grinned again.


"Harry invited me to hang out with them."


I was beyond happy, but I had to play it cool. I mean, with the whole sworn enemies thing. But Danielle didn't even groan or whine. She just smiled.


"I'm glad you're making friends. Don't tell Niall you're going to be with Harry this weekend, he'll flip."


Said Danielle. I nodded, making a mental note to keep this information to myself.


"Why would he care?"


I asked.


"Because he was gonna ask if you wanted to come hang out with us. But you're busy, so I'll tell him."


"Tell who, what?"


Niall appeared out of nowhere. I jumped slightly when he spoke, his angelic voice scaring me just a little bit.


"Tell you that I'm busy this weekend, because apparently you were gonna ask me if I wanted to hang out."


I teased him. He blushed, scratching the back of his neck. An action I found extremely attractive. Especially when it's done by guys I like.


"Well, what about Sunday then?"


He asked.


"Sorry, there's church on Sunday."


I said. He sighed, obviously thinking about another day or time we could hang out.


"What about Friday night?"


It didn't take me long to nod, immediately thanking him for inviting me. He waved me off, as did Danielle who was just lingering with us. We had stopped at each others lockers, dropping our things off before leaving the school. Kids were scattered everywhere, racing out of school and joking around with each other. Girls giggling and gossiping, boys throwing things around and hitting each other. It was quite the sight, and I found that I had already gotten use to the difference between this school and my old school.




I jumped forward with a squeal, almost stumbling over, luckily, someone caught me. I spun around to see Harry. I glared and hit him.


"Harry! You scared me!"


I complained, pouting my bottom lip. He laughed that loud, gorgeous sound he always makes.


"I'm sorry, Ally. But we gotta get going! Louis said he'll leave us behind if we don't hurry up."


He said, pulling on my sleeve softly. I opened my mouth to speak, but I was interrupted.


"I heard my name!"


Louis walked by. I shut my mouth, rolling my eyes.


"I was just telling her to hurry up,  because you said you'd leave us behind, and I am not in the mood to walk."


Said Harry. Louis waved his best friend off.


"Nah, take your time Ally-Bear! I don't mind!"


I grinned and poked my tongue out at Harry who pouted. I had grown use to Louis' nickname for me, finding it kind of cute, like he was my older brother.


"That's no fair! You make me rush, but not her? I see how it is then."


Harry pushed Louis away, who only fell into me, engulfing me in a big hug.


"Well, Ally-Bear's new and she-"


"was talking to us, so could you guys leave."


Niall interrupted Louis with a stern and venomous tone. Louis frowned, but still had me in a tight kind of hug. I pushed Louis off of me, squeezing his hand in reassurance before letting him go. He put his hands up in defense.


"Sorry Horan. I guess I'll meet you in the car, Ally-Bear."


Louis said a little disappointed, and he sounded hurt. Once Louis had walked off, Harry followed him and told me he'd wait outside the school. I, of course, stayed with -a very pleased looking- Niall and -a very unpleased- Danielle. Us two girls glared at Niall.




He asked dumbfounded.


"Why'd you have to be so rude? They weren't even talking to you!"


I scolded him. Danielle nodded.


"Yeah, Niall. I'm not saying I like them or anything, but they are Ally's friends."


Danielle followed my scolding. Niall grumbled some incoherent words under his breath, words I didn't hear, but Danielle did.


"Say that to her face, Niall. See what happens."


Danielle warned. Though I had no idea what he said, I was already hurt. My face dropped, as did my heart. Niall looked into my eyes, blue into brown and frowned. He opened his mouth several times, but nothing came out. I realized then that maybe he wasn't the nicest guy ever.


"It's fine, Niall. Don't tell me, it'd be better that way."


I smiled.




"No. I'm gonna go with Harry. I'll see you guys tomorrow."


And I left. I will admit, I was more that disappointed in Niall. But I'll get over it by tomorrow. I met Harry outside, who was occupied on his cellphone. I cleared my throat.


"You'll never gue- Hey! Are you okay?"


I was surprised he noticed my gloomy attitude. But also grateful.


"I'm fine. Just ready to head home."


I replied. He showed of look of worry, but decided to leave it at that. He showed me one of his award winning smiles, instantly improving my mood. Then we walked to Louis' car. When we got in, Eleanor was in the passengers seat and Louis was in the drivers. Harry and I were stuck in the back.


"Hey, why don't we go for some ice cream?"


Harry suggested.


"That sounds great! What do you think Ally?"


Eleanor and Louis looked at me through the rare view mirror. Harry nudged me, encouraging me.


"Sure, that sounds great."


And just like that, we left. We went down many street and through the city. Eventually we got to the best ice cream store in town. It really was the best. I was pulled out of the car by Harry and dragged into the store. Then, like a little boy, Harry stuck his nose on the ice cream window. Louis and Eleanor followed afterwards.


"I'd like a chocolate chip ice cream. Two scoops. What do you want Ally?"


Harry pulled me over to him. I had come here every week since it opened, so I didn't even need to look, or tell the girl my order.


"Oh, hey Ally! How are you? How's the new school? Is it better?"


Rebecca Jacobs, the girl who worked here. Her and I have known each other for years, so we were close friends. But now that she's at university, I barely get to see her. Just when she came back, or when she was working in the store, which her uncle owned.


"I'm good, thanks Becca. The school was quite interesting. But it's so much better! Everyone was so nice to me! I made a lot of friends. How are you and Michael? How's studies? How's your brother?"


Her brother went to school with me. But after I turned into the nerd. He left me. He'd hang out with me when I visited Becca though. But not so at school where everyone would see.


"That's great, Ally. It's 'bout time you go to a school where you're accepted for all the wonderful things you can do. I'm amazing! Michael and I are doing great. My studies are going good. And Josh is… Well, he misses seeing you. He won't admit that, but I can see it. You guys were so close…"


She handed Harry, Louis and Eleanor their ice creams, which they had ordered in between our conversation. She handed mine straight after, I didn't even tell her. She just remembered. I nodded my head with a sympathetic smile. I noticed she kept glancing at Louis, Eleanor and Harry, so I thought I'd introduce her to them.


"These are my new friends, Harry, the curly head, Louis, the… That weird one. And Eleanor. The gorgeous one."


I pointed them out. Being especially mean to Louis.




Louis exclaimed, pretending to be appalled. Everyone just laughed. They all shook hands, quickly greeting each other.


"You guys take care of her, okay? If I find out she's been hurt, Josh and I will hunt you guys down!"


Rebecca warned. Harry saluted her.


"Don't worry! She's perfectly safe with us."


Just then a group of kids walked in. One of which were Josh. Crap.


"Hey, Ally Nerdom's here."


Penny, the blonde witch. She was joined by her best friend, Lisa, the brunette idiot, and their boyfriends, Josh and Hunter. Josh was blond, tall, cute and Penny's boyfriend. Hunter was short, blond, annoying and Lisa's boyfriend. Harry pulled me into him, holding me on his left. Louis joined me on my opposite side, Eleanor on his side.


"Penny, Hunter, Lisa, Josh. Didn't expect to see you guys here."


I tried to remain calm. But really I wanted to run and hide. I hated being around them, feeling lower than them. Harry's grip tightened around me.


"Yeah well, we thought we'd celebrate not having you at school."


Spat Penny. I flinched.


"Yeah, and we thought we'd celebrate having her at school."


Louis bit back. They fully turned their attention to him, who didn't even cower back. He held his head up high and looked much stronger and taller than Josh and Hunter.


"I see you've made yourself a boyfriend. I'm sure they're only using you for your money."


Said Lisa.


"You're rich?"


Asked Harry. I shrugged.


"Yeah… I am."


Harry grinned.


"Great! We are too!"


I was loving the way they kept shutting these A-holes down. It was amusing and very satisfying.


"Well if you're not using her for her money, then you're obviously using her for her brains."


Inquired Hunter. Josh hadn't said a word, and I could tell by the look he was giving me. He wasn't going to either.


"Why would we do that? We already do that with this lad here! He's smarter than he lets on."


For the first time Penny rested her eyes on Harry. He obviously didn't notice, because he was probably use to the stares of girls. I mean, he's an Angel. Then something changed.


"What's a hot guy like you, doing with your hands around an ugly mutt like her."


Penny attempted to flirt. I flinched again. I went to move out of Harry's grip, but he held me so tight, I couldn't. He didn't even flirt back with Penny, who was so pretty, I was beyond jealous. He just glared and I could have swore I saw his eyes flame.


"One. Ally is the most beautiful girl I have ever met in my whole life, so talk shit about her again and I'll do more than ruin your poorly done nails. Two, you are way below my standards. And three, I'd suggest you leave her alone from now on."


Harry spat out with so much venom, I was scared. But I didn't move. I knew it wasn't towards me. He was defending me and I liked it.


"Don't talk to her like that!"


Josh defended his girlfriend.


"Penny! You and your friends can leave."


Rebecca ordered. I sent her a grateful look.


"What?! Come on, Bec! I thought we were like sisters! Don't stick up for that nerd and her awful friends!"


Penny exclaimed, clearly outraged.


"No, Penny. We were never even friends. I don't like you. I hate the fact that my brother's dating you, but he won't break up with you. Don't ever call me Bec again. It's Rebecca to you. And Ally is like a little sister to me and Josh. I don't care if you are Josh's girlfriend. Ally's probably best suited for Josh anyway, but that would be gross because we're all like family. So get out of this shop right now before I call the cops."


We were all astonished by Rebecca's words. Like, what? What did she mean about me suiting Josh? I'm sure he hates me… Well, you never know with him. Penny and all her friends left within seconds after Rebbeca's outburst. Even Josh tried to leave.


"Joshua Jacobs! If you even try to avoid the situation at hand I will call our mother and tell her everything you've been doing to Ally. She will not be happy either!"


Rebecca yelled. Josh stopped. Immediately scurrying back in, without a word to Penny or the rest of his friends.


"I'm so sorry you had to hear that, guys."


Rebecca turned to us. Harry waved her off.


"It's fine. If you didn't set them straight, I would have done it in the wrong way."


Harry was watching them from outside. They were still lingering around. Probably waiting for Josh.


"Well, if you guys don't mind. We're gonna have a family conversation and get this shit dealt with. I'll take her home."


Josh had made himself comfortable on the bench, but was shoved off of it by his sister as soon as he was on top of it. I gulped at the thought of having this problem between us two "dealt with". Last time we had a family conversation, Josh ended up with scratches, I ended up crying and Rebecca ended up yelling at both of us again.


"Okay, see you tomorrow Ally!"


Eleanor gave me a quick hug.


"Yeah, Ally-Bear! See you tomorrow!"


Louis lifted me from the ground and hugged me. I squealed, begging him to put me down. Afterwards, Harry gave me a hug that lasted longer than the others.


"I'll pick you up in the morning."


Said Harry.


"You don't have my address."


I pointed out. He chuckled.


"Well give it to me."


I rolled my eyes and gave him my address, then he left. And I was left with an upset Rebecca and an awkward Josh. Ugh. The Jacobs.

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