Popular Nerd [The High School Series]

15 year old, Ally Windom, use to be the School Nerd. Being called "Ally Nerdom" on the daily, as well as constantly getting mocked for your intelligence can take its toll, and eventually Ally left the school. Her new school, Southland High School, is completely different to Ally's old school. The populars were now the outcasts, and the nerds were now the populars. Ally's absolutely relieved when she hears that, immediately making friends with her fellow Nerdling, Niall Horan. Now Ally's popular, she's completely protected from bully's. Eventually she develops feelings for her friend Niall, but things get a little more complicated when she meets the outcast of the school. Harry Styles. Now Ally's torn between two, with no idea who she wants more. Is Ally going to give up her popularity for Harry? Or will she stay with Niall and forget about Harry?


3. Chapter 3: Tree Climbing & Stuff.

Harry's P.O.V


Screams were being thrown in-between the two groups. A lot of curse words, and name calling, mostly between Niall and I. Louis was just about head to head with Bieber, and Eleanor was desperate to hold her back. Payne and Zayn were trying to stop their girlfriends from ripping each other's heads off. I was surprised no one had tried to separate us. We were like a B.C war. If we had the guts to, and if we had the weapons, I reckon we could kill each other right here and now. That's how much hate there was between us. It was crazy. It started out with Horan and I, then it expanded and now all our friends hate each other.


"You know what?! You are such a dick head!"


I spat with as much hate I could produce. My heart was pulsing, my head was spinning, and I could just feel the tension between us. Then I reached for Ally's hand, and stopped. While Horan was yelling at me, I was too busy looking for Ally. My height provided me with the ability to see over everyones heads. But I couldn't see her.


"What? Too cool to answer? Or did you just realize I'm right?"


Horan said with an amused tone. Still, I didn't reply. 


"Ally! Where did you go?"


I pushed past everyone, walking at a quick pace, my head flipping left and right, curls falling over my eyes, but I immediately pulled it back.


"Hazz! What are yo-"


"Ally! She's gone!"


I turned to everyone who was looking at me weirdly. All heads turned, each checking around themselves. Then it clicked.






"Ally-Girl! Where are you love?"


Louis called. Everyone scattered around the hall, calling for Ally. On occasions we even asked people if they had seen her. Which didn't help very much, not many people knew who she was. I panicked. What if she got into trouble? What if she was lost? I was suppose to look after her! Ugh, I'm so stupid. This is why I don't have a girlfriend- Right now, that is.


"Nice fucking job Styles!" Niall exclaimed. "You scared her off!"


"You're the one who started the bloody fight! Don't blame this all on me! It's your fault too!!"


I bit back.


"Look, it doesn't matter who's fault it is. Just that we find her!"


Said Zayn. I sighed.


"Malik's right. We're all her friends, okay? So let's split up, and hopefully we'll find her before the end of break."


For the first time ever, I actually agreed with Payne. Even though he was a know-it-all asshole, he was very smart. 


"How 'bout Danielle, Calder, Tomlinson and I were go that way. The rest of you guys go the other way. If you find her, text one of us and we'll head that way."


Payne explained, very sharply I might add. We all agreed and separated quickly. Everyone kind of went in pairs, but Horan and I made sure not to go near each other. And that meant I had to go by myself. Which I didn't mind, I needed space to think. Where would I go if I was Ally? I continued to ask myself. I know I just met her, but I felt like I understood her in some strange way. She could be anywhere, but I was being drawn outside. Then I remembered.


"What's one of your bad habits?"


Asked Louis to Ally. She hummed, taking her time to think about it.


"I have this really bad habit of climbing tree's when I'm upset."


She replied, blushing slightly. I chuckled.


"Why tree's?"


She shrugged. It was cute, to tell you the truth. I thought she was gonna say something weird, but it was just an adorable bad habit that made her even more perfect. Like my bad habit of ruffling my hair. I can't stop. Except that was a stupid habit. Not like hers. Hers is too cute.


"I don't know." She muttered. "I guess it's because I can see things better from up there. Then my thoughts start to clear up as well."


I looked up and grinned.


"Ally, babe. Come down from there."


She curled into the tree, clutching her knee's to her chest. I could imagine her pouting lip and big brown eyes. Her curly hair hiding her adorable features away from me.


"I don't want to. I like it better up here."


She yelled down. I laughed.


"If you don't come down, I'm coming up. Your choice."


I waited for a moment. She peeked down to test me, but she didn't move. She sat there, silently watching me through her legs.


"Alright then. I'm coming up!"


I quickly texted Louis and told her where she was, and what I was doing. It was strange how I just happened to be underneath the very tree Ally was in. It's like we're meant to be. Like I'm just drawn to wherever she is. I guess that's true, cause all I want right now is to be next to her. I slipped my phone in my front pocket and started climbing. The tree wasn't that hard to climb. But she was high, so it took me a while.


"Gee, you climbed pretty high."


I stated, swiftly plopping myself next to her. Silence.


"Are you okay?"


She nodded.


"No you're not."


I nudged her rib. Nothing.


"Tell me, Ally."


She sighed.


"I'm sorry."


A muffled voice came from her plump lips. I frowned.


"For what?"


"For causing trouble. I didn't mean for you guys to start arguing… I didn't know how to deal with it. I've never had any real friends before…"


She sniffed. Then I realized she had been crying. It was strange, the way I was feeling for her shouldn't even exist. I pulled her into me, and she wrapped her arms around my waist.


"That was not your fault, Ally. We have a really bad past, Horan and I. So don't worry about it."


I explained. She nodded and I brushed her soft hair back. Even though the first time we saw her, it was pulled back, somehow it ended up out and now… She looked even more beautiful than before. Or maybe it's just me. I'm sure she's just getting better looking each time I look at her. I swear, she has me wrapped around her finger and she doesn't even know it. What is this girl doing to me?


"What happened between you two?"


Then the bell rang. She squealed, almost falling off the tree. Luckily, I had her tight in my grasp. I chuckled and she let out a ragged breath.


"Don't worry, I got ya'." I reassured her. "I'll never let go."


With that last whisper, I let her climb down. I followed after her. Louis texted me back and told me they got in trouble, so they went straight to class. Our teachers were so strict now that we're sophomores. There are way more requirements. Fuck I can't wait till I'm a senior. Maybe by then Ally will be mine… Don't get ahead of yourself, Harry. A voice inside my head spoke. You just met her. 


"What are you doing this weekend Ally?"


I asked her after a short silence.


"Well, I'm hoping to spend it with my parents. But knowing them, they'll probably be in Africa for all I know."


She waved me off.


"Helping the poor?"


I asked. She scoffed.


"If you mean spending all their money on expensive stuff, and luxurious hotels with cold pools and fancy rooms. Sure, they're helping the poor."


She said. I frowned.


"So you're rich?"


She nodded.


"Why? Aren't you?"


I shrugged.


"Yeah, I guess. But we don't use most of our money."


I replied.


"Well that's good. If I had control of the money, I'd send a lot of it to charity. Save three quarters of the rest, and spend the last quarter on James and Maria. They definitely deserve more than my parents are paying."


​She said. She was such an angel. Sending most of her money to charity? It's not often you see rich girls being so generous to other people. Well, not around here anyway.


"Who's James and Maria?"


"James is our butler, slash real dad, slash the only father role model I've ever had. Maria is our maid, slash real mum, slash the only mother role model I ever had."


Then it clicked. Her parents were never there. That's what she meant. So her butler and maid were stuck to look after her. I don't suppose they complained. I'd love to hang out with them.


"What about you? What are you doing this weekend?"


"Well, Lou, El, Zayn, Perrie and I were gonna hang out at mine for the weekend. I was gonna ask if you wanted to come, y'know. Cause I'd end up being the third wheel"


I nervously explained, scratching the back of my neck. She giggled at my nervous actions, that stunning smile appearing on her face again.


"You mean, fifth wheel."


I chuckled.


"Yeah, whatever. So?"


She stopped walking.


"I'd love to come. Just give me the address or something."


She said. I smirked.


"I'll pick you up."


I replied. I noticed we were at her class.


"So I'll see you after school?"


She nodded.


"Okay. See ya Ally!"


I waved out to her, walking off. She waved back and disappeared in her class. Score! She's coming to mine this weekend!


So hey guys! I'm Mary, nice to meet you :) How are you guys? I'm good, not that it matters lol What do you think about the book/story? Good? Bad? Need's working on? Opinion please! It would help me a lot with my writing. Oh, and I wanna know Who's a Harry Girl? Who's a Niall Girl? I really can't choose between all of them, because I love them all. But if I had to choose. It would be Niall. So I'm a Niall girl.


That's all from me for now! Thanks for reading!! Byee!



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