“Life is more fun if you play games.”

Hi My name is Haley. I'm a typical rock star and photographer from a country called Ireland. I'm 18 and fresh man from a school called Trinity College of Dublin. I guess it's not easy transferring into another school. No friends and no person to talk to. I guess I can say that I'm always alone. I never been into a massive school like this. Well I hope everything will go smooth. Never give up Hal stay calm.


3. Dummies!

See after how many months I already have some good friends. I will not mention them right now, but if they have something in special then I'll tell you.

Joale still doesn't know that I like him. I'm the shy type you know. Hahaha! But I swear I talk and roam around the room. 

Our Values teacher told us to group ourselves and unfortunately, Joale is with me. I'm so happy that I almost trip off. I can't move and I feel like it was awkward working with him. Every girl in our school like charming and gentleman like Joale. And I'm one of them. 

Hal! You need to calm down. 

Uhm, Hal, Can you tell us which page are we going to tackle, review and report to? Joale asked me.

Omg! Did he call me with my name? As in HALEY! I mean H-A-L? I can feel my heart pounding too fast.

Oh! sure give me your book, study lesson 3 then I'll get back to you on that okay? I said with the biggest smile, did I mention I have 2 dimples ;)

Alright then, update me. And tell me when you need something he asked giving me a flashing smile that killed me.

Of course! See you then.

I can't contain the feeling I have now. So next week would be the reporting and I have to prepare something for our report. Lorainne one of my classmate asked me and Alyssa, another friend of mine to come to their house to do our Values report.

We joke, fool around and of course study our report.

Lorainne, I didn't mind to ask this but where does Joale live? Uhm, because he said that I'm going to update him about the report so tell me. I said expecting Lorainne to tell the truth.

You like him eh'? 

No, but yes. I mean yes I like him. I accidentally said yea then I whined.

See, Hahaha. I'm right. But I'll keep that as a secret I swear. Uhm he lives across the street, Apartment type building.

Really? I'm going to his house later, after this.

Hahahaha, okay good luck Hal. I wish you find him.

After our study for the report, Me and Alyssa walked down the street and saw some apartment typed houses. We went to the first floor and asked all the person living in there. We knocked all the doors to the first floor but they don't even know Joale. We went to second floor and they still don't know about Joale. We only have 2 last chances, third floor and fourth floor. We went to the third floor. We asked every single person and every single door from that floor. I crossed my fingers and wishing he lives there. But Unfortunately, Joale is no where to be found. We went upstairs and saw that the fourth floor was a vacant lot. I was totally pissed and I need some ice cream to make me cool. Tomorrow is another day. 



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