“Life is more fun if you play games.”

Hi My name is Haley. I'm a typical rock star and photographer from a country called Ireland. I'm 18 and fresh man from a school called Trinity College of Dublin. I guess it's not easy transferring into another school. No friends and no person to talk to. I guess I can say that I'm always alone. I never been into a massive school like this. Well I hope everything will go smooth. Never give up Hal stay calm.


1. First Day of School


Whew! Breath in, breath out. Breath in, breath out. You can do this. No more back off Hal. You can do this. Haley is finding her classroom and section. She is now lost in her school. She went upstairs and accidentally bumped into someone. She didn't know that the person she accidentally bumped was a heartthrob named Niall Horan. Niall assist her and help her pick her stuffs. 

Hi you must be a new student. I never see you before. Uhm I'm Niall. I studied here for a long long time. Niall reaches Haley's hand but then after they shook their hands there is like a spark on Haley's eyes that made Niall fall in love. I mean love at first sight. 

Nice to meet you Niall, yes I'm a newbie here. And by the way thank you for helping me and I'm so sorry. I guess you know everything about this University. Uhm, I guess I need to go now. I don't want to be late. Well, see you later.

No, wait. I'm sorry. I hope we can be friends I think. Anyway what section are you? Mine is Modesty how about you eh?

M-Modesty. Right we're classmates. Come on, let's find our classroom then. Do you know where is that?

Yes, 4th floor, right corner. Come on, hold my hand. Ahem, I mean so that you wont get lost. 

Uhm, if it's okay with you then I'll do it.

After 5 minutes they saw their classroom. Niall saw some of his mates like Joale, Kean, Mac, Joshua, Juztine and Yoshua. They all shout in unison when they saw Niall. They all give Niall a group hug. Haley just sit in the corner beside a girl.

Vanessa's POV

You can do this Vanny, you can do this. God please help me. I'm so nervous. There is lots of girls to talk to here but I felt alone. I'm all shakin and I don't know what to do until a girl sits right next to me. I think she heard me coz she asked me if I'm alright.

Uhm excuse me miss, are you alright? I asked

Yeah, I'm alright. I'm just nervous. Don't think I'm crazy because I'm talking to my self. Uhm, it's normal, I'm just so nervous and I don't know what to do Sorry for bothering you. I'm Vanessa but you can call me Vanny. How about you?

Hi I'm Haley but you can calle me Hal. Nice to meet you Vanny. I wish we can be close friends. So just hole my hand and relax. Don't be nervous okay? I'm right here. 

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