Nothing Like Us

This one is an English one <3 I wrote it on Justin Bieber Fanfiction Plus but thought I also would put it up here <3 It's not an imagine but a fanfiction <3

You're name is Emily Vance and your best friend is just dead <3 <3 I really hope you like it <3


2. 2. Kidnapped

Emily’s point of view:

“Hey Emily, I’m sorry about yesterday, I just wanted to help,” April whispered, probably afraid of what I was going to 

say. I turned around and looked into my best friends eyes. I opened my mouth to say something about I was sorry, 

when I broke down in tears.

She pulled her bag off of her shoulder, and pulled me into a big hug. I cried and cried and she didn’t say anything 

except from ‘everything is going to be alright’.

She was a real friend. She helped me when I needed it and she cared about me. She was like a sister to me. 

Sometimes it felt like my heart skipped a beat and I just started to cry even more.

She pulled me closer, before she let me go and wiped my tears away with her thumbs. I didn’t need to say what was 

wrong; she knew exactly how I felt. That the police didn’t trust me, when I say I saw a man, wasn’t fair. She knew it, I 

knew it and there was nothing to do about it.

I felt hopeless and useless. I needed a friend and she was there for me. “Come on, we better go to class before we 

get late,” she said and took my hand. We walked in silence and found the classroom.

When I stepped inside, I looked around to see who I was going to have this class with, when my eyes landed on one 

person. He looked into my brown eyes and smiled.

I didn’t want to lie, he was actually pretty hot. He’s hazel brown eyes, he’s big smile every time he saw me, he’s pants 

who sat a little too low and he’s short messed hair.

“Emily and April, you guys can just find a place to sit. Anywhere, there just can’t be somebody who already sit there, 

of course,” our math teacher said. Not a moment I looked way from Justin. He made sign to that I could sit on the free 

chair on the left side of him.

I considered it and slowly made my way over to him. I could feel April’s eyes stare into my skin, but I didn’t care. I 

didn’t understand why he was so “dangerous” as they said. When I had made my way over to the seat he said: “Hey 

shawty, how are you doing?”

He grinned and I looked at him. “Ehm, fine I think, you?” I grinned back. He just laughed and nodded.

We laughed and had really fun, but the whole lesson I couldn’t ignore the fact that Michaela stared at us. It scared me 

to know that she hated me. She was the one who owned the school. If she hated me, probably everyone would start 

to hate me.

Everybody ran out of the class room when they heard the clock ring. I packed my things and found April.

I had just got out of the school, ready to drive home, when a man grabbed my arm and another grabbed April. I would 

scream but he used his other hand to hold for my mouth. I fought against his hold on me, but it was hopeless.

It was like to fight against a tree. It didn’t move a centimeter. I couldn’t move nor fight. I just felt a cold whisper in my 

ear: “Nice to see you again, Emily. Do you remember me? The guy who helped to kill your little friend.”

The cold rushed through me, by the familiar voice I had heard about a week ago when Roy died. I felt my heart skip a 

beat, and tears started stream down my cheeks. He knew he had broken me. He knew he had found my weakness.

This wasn’t the person who had killed Roy; this was the person who was with him when he killed Roy.

“Do you mind I tell you why I’m doing all this to you?” he laughed out loud. I fought against him again but it didn’t help 

me. He just continued: “It’s easy; it’s all about your little friend, what is it he’s called?” He looked like he tried to think 

about it and then laughed: “Oh yeah that’s right, Justin. If it wasn’t for him, your little friend didn’t have to die and you 


He laughed high again. I fought against the tears that started to stream down my cheeks again. “Please, I haven’t 

done anything. Please let me go”, I whispered low but high enough for him to hear. “No can do, your little bitch,” he 


Then I heard somebody cry on my right side and I saw April got hold by another man I had never seen before. “I 

knew that guy was trouble, Emily. I said it. See what you’ve got us into now,” she screamed high. I cried a sorry to her 

that she probably didn’t hear.

Then I heard a familiar voice not to long from us. The man who held me moved his hand from my mouth and I 

screamed as high as possible. I heard footsteps, which was coming closer. My heart started to beat faster and 

without knowing what happened, the man who held me got ripped away from me and I fell to the ground.

I tried to stand up and when it succeeded I saw Justin was pointing at the man with a gun. Then I heard April on my 

right side cry and I turned to see that one of Justin’s friends had taken the man who held her and pointed at him with 

a gun too.

“Don’t do it. Don’t shoot, please,” I heard my best friend cry out. My stomach turned inside of me and I saw her fall 

down on her knees while she whispered another ‘please’.

“Take your friend and leave now,” I heard Justin command. I stood a while and looked around. The cold air felt like 

minus degrees and I could only hear the sound of the wind whistled past me and my best friends tears. It felt like I 

blacked out and couldn’t move. I just stand there and watched my best friend break.

“Emily, now!” Justin interrupted. I took a deep breath and walked over to April while I cried my eyes out. I took her 

arm and helped her up, while she fought against me and shouted stop and that they shouldn’t shoot.

Luckily she was weak right now and I brought her away from all the mess. When I reached the corner of the building, 

and was about to turn around it, so we couldn’t see them more, I turned my head and looked at the man, who had 

just taken me.

Our eyes met, and I heard a shoot and he fell to the ground. Justin backed away and looked at the man, who sat in a 

pool of his own blood. He’s eyes turned white and I knew he was dead.

Me and April turned around the corner and we broke down on the ground. My heart beat was faster than normal, my 

knees couldn’t bare me, tears streamed down my face and my whole body was shaking.

I was a mess and April too. I didn’t know how to forgive Justin after all I had just seen. He had just killed somebody. 

I wasn’t ready for more funerals. Not that I was going to this one, but who knew maybe I was the next he decided to 


I should have listened when my friends said Justin was bad news. Instead I had just ignored them. I knew he was the 

bad boy in the city and that he had been in a lot of crap but I didn’t think he walked around and killed people.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered slowly. April looked up and furrowed her eyebrows and answered quiet: “For what? I mean 

this wasn’t your fault.”

She looked at me in a long time and then I finally managed to speak: “For everything, for what just happened, for not 

to listen and most of all for being a bad friend.” I looked down in my hands, not ready to look into her eyes.

She grinned at me and whispered: “Yeah you don’t say. No look, it’s okay. You didn’t know. You didn’t know him and 

you just needed a friend who understood you about Roy.” I took a deep breath and looked at her.

We both cried and fell in each other’s arms. We cried and cried until April pulled away. She sniffled and said slowly: 

“What about that ice cream now?”

I laughed and cried in the same time, before I answered her: “Oh thank god. I thought you would never ask.” We 

grinned and hugged each other again, before we stood up and wiped our tears away. We started to walk and found 

April’s car. I sat in and April drove away to find a place to get an ice cream.


Justin’s point of view:

I stared at the cold body on the ground. He lay in a pool of blood and didn’t move. I knew he was dead. I just couldn’t 

believe it. I had just killed a person. I knew after all the crap I had been in with the guys that it could happen, but I was 


It wasn’t because it was terrible to kill somebody, but what if the cops found out. My stomach turned inside of me and 

I pulled in the ends of my hair. Then a thought came to my mind, the cops was some stupid idiots.

They didn’t even trust Emily, when she said she saw somebody push Roy of that bridge. Chaz, who had shoot the 

other guy, began to take the bodies away: “If I take the bodies can you then take the blood?” I looked scared at him, 

but then I nodded.

There was a tap right next to us, a bucket and a cloth. I filled the bucket with water and started to clean up the blood. 

I got a horrible head ache of all the blood and my stomach turned around inside of me, every time I cleaned some 

more up.

When I finally was done, I held the water out in the wood not too long from the school. I went back to the school and 

found my car. I started the car and drove home to get a shower.

No matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t get Emily out of my mind. Her long black/brown hair, her big dark brown 

eyes, her little nose and big lips, it was all just amazing.

When I drove into our driveway, I let out a much needed gasp, which I didn't even know that I had held in. I stood 

out of the car and went inside to my mom. “Hey sweetheart, there is a girl who came to visit you. She is in the living 

room, waiting. Go talk to her,” my mom said happy.

She was always happy. I didn’t know who would visit me right now, except from Michaela. I had told her not to come, 

and if it was her then my mom would probably had said that Michaela was in the living room. It couldn’t be her.

I went through the hall and into the living room, exited to see who the girl was. When I went inside the room, a body 

stood and watched out of the window. I could easily see who it was. Her beautiful long legs and her long black/brown 

hair were not to be mistaken.

“Emily..?” I murmured slowly and she turned slowly around with a scared look on her face. I just stood there and 

stared at her. It probably didn’t make this easier for her.

I nodded towards the stairs and whispered: “We should probably go upstairs and talk in my room.” Scared of what

she would say I looked down on my foot.

When there didn’t come an answer I looked up at her. Now she stared at me and nodded slowly. I grab her hand and

made my way over to the stairs. She followed me all the way up without a word.

When we had made our ways to my room she went inside and a big smile covered her face. “Wow, Justin this is 

amazing,” she laughed. I let out a sigh when I found out she wasn’t mad at me. I looked around in my big room.

My bed, which was made to two persons and my big flat Panel, all my DVD’s and my big stereo, it was all a boy on 

my age could dream about. The best part of it was that it wasn’t it all. I had a balcony with a pool on, table football, 

MacBook and a lot more.

I laughed at her amazed beautiful face. “OMG, you should have seen your face when you went inside. It was 

priceless,” I grinned.

She took one of my pillows from my bed and punched me with it and shouted: “Shut up, it’s not normal to have all 

these things.” I just laughed even more and she did too.

She laid the pillow on my bed again and looked at me with a serious face. I knew this wasn’t the reason why she 

came, but I just hoped that she maybe forgot about it. It seemed like she didn’t.

I took her hand and sat down on my bed and made a sign for her to do the same. She looked scared but sat down 

and started to talk: “What the hell happened today and who were they?”

I sighed and looked down in my hands before I answered: “Me and my boys have been in a lot of things, bad things. 

When people think they own the town, we show them they don’t. When people want something, we have, we make 

sure they don’t get it. It’s not something special; it’s just that we own the town and nobody else.

When people think they do we show them they don’t. We never wanted it to be more, but some people never give 

up. They think that we are there enemies and that we want a fight. We just want them to know that they can’t bring us 

down, but we haven’t said that they couldn’t be a part of it.

Some people are crazy and I have never seen something like this before. It was never the meaning that people had

to die. I don’t know what Jacob was up to, but I know it’s not over.”

I held a break and made sure she still listened before I continued: “I don’t know more than you except from that he

tried to bring us down and he and Chaz had a fight. Chaz won. I didn’t see more to him. It was not with guns and stuff 

like that.

It was just a fight like the ones you see in the school yard, but he wouldn’t let it be with that. I knew him when you 

explained him to me a few days ago. Me and my friends bought guns so that we were ready if we needed it. We knew 

this was more than a school yard fight to him, and if we let him win, everybody we care about is dead. I can’t let that 


She looked curious at me and I knew she understood that it had never been the meaning that it should end up in a 

fight like this. I looked at her in a while before she finally spoke: “I can’t.”


Emily’s point of view:

I looked at him before I finally spoke: “I can’t.” I continued: “I can’t do this. Do you expect me to go around and say 

that I’m okay and everything is okay? I can’t do that because it’s not. You KILLED somebody. It’s not okay. Do you 

really expect me not to go to the cops about that?”

That made his head turn to look at me. He looked at me and then he held his hand around my neck. He looked at me

with eyes who could kill. I couldn't even breathe.

“If you EVER go to the police, I swear to god they wasn’t the last I killed. I wouldn’t hesitate to kill your whole family in 

front of your eyes. I would let you live with that as a warning to you. I would let you live with the guilt. GOT IT?”

Now he officially scared the hell out of me. How the hell could he say something like that to me?

“Oh sorry, but don’t worry I won’t. Just scare the hell out of me after all you have done to me I also think that’s what I 

deserve!” I spat in his face before running back downstairs and out to my car.

I was totally done with this guy. I swear he was bipolar.

I was about to sit into my car when a hand grab around my arm and pulled me out.

I got pushed into another car and it started to drive away. I couldn’t breathe. I really didn’t hope this was Jacob again.

Hadn’t I got kidnapped enough for today? I lifted my head a bit and turned my head to look into the last person I 

wanted to be in a car with right now!

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