Midnight Memories

Sarah and Jules are sisters. They always fan girl about One Direction. When they find out they are opening for the boys they freak out!


1. About Sarah

Sarah's P.O.V.

To start off.. I have no life. I'm always on my ipodtouch or on the computer. I LOVE MUSIC! Especially One Direction and Five Seconds of Summer. I have a sister. She is not my full sister though. Her dad married my mom. But the awesome thing about it all is........


I have blue and purple hair. I'm actually a dirty blonde but I started dying my hair when I was 12. I have bright blue eyes. Also I'm 17. I'm a senior in high school. I can't wait till tomorrow! It's when I graduate!!

I LOVE SINGING! Music is one of the things that I love most. I love making music and singing. My sister and I have a lot in common especially music.

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