He's No Good (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Jensen has always been a little bit depressed, but no one even had the slightest clue. When she falls for the hottest, cockiest, not to mention rudest boy at her school, she spirals down hill as if she's on a roller coaster. What will push her over the edge, and will he catch her when she falls?


4. Detention

          I walked into the detention room, and I took a seat near the back. I saw Harry walk in, and I was excited to break his little heart.

          "Hey, there babe," he said as he sat down next to me. Be nice I thought, you want him to fall for you, but before I knew it.

          "Don't ever call me that again." I spat back realizing what I did, I corrected my self saying, "call me honey instead". I smiled.

          Soon the teacher came in. She said "no talking, I'll be back in one hour to release you."

          I look at Harry saying "she seriously just leaves us here alone, and somehow she trust us."

          " Yep, basically. that leaves us time to have some fun" he smirks.

          I smirk back thinking, I have to break his heart and teach him a lesson. I smile mischievously, "so what do you want to do."

          He whispers "how about I get hands on that tight little body of yours."

          "NO" I demand!

          "What the hell you were just all for it a minute ago?"

          Shit! I forgot all about that, I have to make him fall for me. I recovered by saying "well, I got to get to know you first."

          "Okay, you can Friday night, I pick you up at 8."

          "And where will we be going?"

          "A party, so where something hot"

          "Okay, whatever you say." He was so going to fall for me, and if he doesn't. I'll be sure to dump him so he doesn't have the pride of dumping me first. I realized I must have been thinking a bit longer then I thought I was.

          "Earth to Jensen" Harry laughed.

          "Oh, sorry, I got lost in my own thoughts"

          "And what were you thinking about" he says dirtily.

          "Not that that's for damn sure." I say in defense.

          "And what did we say about cussing, Jensen," he says like I'm a child.

          "Not to do it" I pout back.

          "Good Girl"

          "Do I look like I'm 2 years old, Harry"

          "A little bit, you chubby cheeks really make you look younger." He pinches my cheek making them red. "Someone's blushing" he states.

          "No I'm not you pinched my cheeks, and it hurt, so now there red."

          The teacher came back in, letting us all be free.

          I was on my way out to my car when Harry snuck up behind me and whispered "see you Friday." I smiled. Damn my mom wasn't there!

          "Harry, can you take me home!" I yelled.

          "Sure" he smiled, opening my door. Me and Harry had surprisingly similar music taste. We were silent the whole ride, and only sang. He was really good, and me not so much.

          " Thank you, so much," He kisses me on the cheek, and smiles a big smile. I actually blushed at that.

"You are just going to have to repay me tomorrow night." With that he drove away. Was I falling for him? I sure hope not.



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