Bad girl

Good girl Olivia gets hit by a truck .she ends up friends with bad people ,as she follows there ways ,she gets dragged in to the bad side of life but will someone pull her out of it ?(ONE DIRECTION NOT FAMOUS)(plus she is 17)


33. ZAYN


It was about 2 am when we were all half asleep watching toy story when we heard a knock on the door . I looked at niall but he was asleep so whilst everyone watched i went to answer the door . I slowly cracked open the door and as i slowly looked up i met with big black eyes , i stared for a minute until i realised it was zayn . I hugged him tight but he just stood stiff arms by his side . Awkwardly i let go ." I just needed the bathroom" he spoke . his voice was low and crackling as if he had been shouting for a while . Then i remembered the fight and took a step back to let him through the hallway . I sat on the sofa and a few minutes passed then a few more it had been half an hour since zayn went in the bathroom .Everyone was asleep now so i went to check on him . When i went to knock on the door i saw blood on the handle . " zayn ? zayn if youre in there please answer " i asked uneasily . I heared  movement and the door unlocked . Before my eyes zayn stood mucels tensed ,eyes dark ,hands bloody and breathing fast . " stand back i dont wanna hurt you " he spat as though the sweet innocent zayn was trapped inside trying to help me . " boys Boys BOYS NOW !!! " I screamed as though for my life 8 heavy feet zipped up the stairs to the bathroom . As soon as they saw zayn , Niall grabbed me and took me downstairs he wrapped me in his arms and covered my head with a pillow . "wtf " i asked , he said nothing then loud shouts were heard from upstairs " WAS IT HER WELL WAS IT I WILL KILL HER FOR WHAT SHE DID I WILL STAB EVERY PART OF HER AND WATCH HER BLEED TO DEATH  THEN I WILL BREAK EVERY PART OF HER FACE SO SHE LOOKS DISFIGURED AND JUST SIT AND LAUGH AT HER .. " Zayn screamed down the house you could here it in africa .Lots of swearing, tripping, punching and then bamn a door slammed shut and locked .  The boys locked zayn in  a room . Niall lifted the pillow of my head and flinged the blanket on the floor . Tears dripped down my face as he snuggled me , muffled shouts were heard room zayn in the background . The boys came down the stairs each were cut and bruised and looked like shit . Time for a serious chat .

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