Bad girl

Good girl Olivia gets hit by a truck .she ends up friends with bad people ,as she follows there ways ,she gets dragged in to the bad side of life but will someone pull her out of it ?(ONE DIRECTION NOT FAMOUS)(plus she is 17)


8. morning

I woke up , my dad had opened the curtains and the sun was brightly shining in my face ! I waited for my eyes to adjust and the went to use the bathroom ,i had a shower and brushed my teeth .I went and changed and quickly caught the bus to the doctors ,they took off my cast and put a small bandage on my leg so i can now walk without crutches . I caught the bus back home and changed for school into my skinny jeans ,grey sweater with the words OBEY ,and my black converse

I grabbed an apple and ran out the door as i am now late for school.


sorry i haven't written in a long time but i was to busy watching 1DDay,and getting ready for it to , writing more often now but school and homework to catch up on ,so i will try to write more hope your enjoying it 

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