Bad girl

Good girl Olivia gets hit by a truck .she ends up friends with bad people ,as she follows there ways ,she gets dragged in to the bad side of life but will someone pull her out of it ?(ONE DIRECTION NOT FAMOUS)(plus she is 17)


10. Liar


Its was 8 so I decided to get ready . I had a shower and washed my hair , i argued in my head until I decided on wearing some light makeup .i changed into black leggings an oversized sweater (with a moustache :) )and ugg boots.because i take long to change the time was now 8:55pm opps. i through some my purse ,hairbrush and other stuff into my rucksack and walked out the door.... when i got to the park i saw zayn punching a dude in the stomach, this is what he meant.


Zayn said he was teaching Jake a lesson for not paying him back,Ouch that one had to hurt as Zayn kept throwing him punches . I turned around to keep a look out and i saw Olivia , she walked over and i explained why Zayn looked like he was about to kill Jake .She nodded her head in understanding and we walked over to the boys .Jake fell to the floor "im sorry i will pay you back i promise " he cried out "of course you will ,you can tell he s lying i see it in his eyes " Olivia spat .wow i was stunned bad side of Olivia is coming out.She looked at his pocket "you have enough money to pay him now in you pocket you fucking liar " she screamed he looked at her "i swear i don't have any money on me " she slapped him across the face and took a wallet stuffed with £100 notes out his pocket and handed it to Zayn ."Nice job rookie " he smirked "now fuck off before i change my mind " Zayn spat .Jake ran for his life ,across the field to wherever. "wow Olivia ,i have never seen a chick get that mad "zayn chuckled ,she blushed and said "I hate liars" i am definitely not getting on her bad side.


The boys and i (not niall though)pulled out a cigarette from are pocket and lit it up,"want one "Harry asked Olivia she took it and pulled a lighter from her pocket ,she breathed it in and after a few seconds a cloud of smoke came out her mouth .We chilled by the swings,"you should come more often Olivia your really good at telling when someone is lying or not " Liam stated."that would be fun on... one condition."she said "WHAT?" we all asked in unison. " Zayn teaches me how to fight "she looked at me .i am a pretty good fighter considering i do boxing,football(also known as rugby in England),karate,basketball,wrestling,sprinting and others so i wasnt surprised she asked me ."deal" 


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