Bad girl

Good girl Olivia gets hit by a truck .she ends up friends with bad people ,as she follows there ways ,she gets dragged in to the bad side of life but will someone pull her out of it ?(ONE DIRECTION NOT FAMOUS)(plus she is 17)


28. first video diary



 "What  does a kiss mean , how do you tell if someone likes you ? She kissed , i wont say who but i don't know if they meant to . I really like her as well oh god i dont know what to do . should i act like it never happened or say something to her . I sound like a right girl now as well but seriously what do i do ahhhhh . i guess il sleep on it, peace out . "


"Am i dumb or what , i know i like him but he might only want to be my friend and i blew it . we probably aren't aloud to swear so . period blood microwave chicken drumstick butt fish watermelon flippy doo daa angry birds door car mouse bob quavers . *sigh* better . i think ive realised i do want him but what if he doesn't want me i think im gunna go bed reset my head but byeee ."


"They so like each over they just need to admit it dumb kids . if they dont hurry up and start dating i will kill them both even though they are obviously stronger than me . shame had to  leave early but i gotta babysit sad times . oh well better go now baby's crying by any chance in the future i wonder if i will be able to change a diaper ."


"Beth text me .  we are now officially over  . she was using me and it really hurts to have your heart broken . at least no one will know but liv and she wont tell anyone . my life is quite crap to be honest but at least i have my friends . damn forgot had homework . i will just say me dog ate it classics work . anyway gunna go be so hasta la vista "

Author note

heyyyyyyyaaaaa  it me i havent written in a month and a bit sorry . at the moment i am sick ( tonsilitis )so i might just write loads todayyyy LUCKY YOU  . if theres anything you want to happen plzz say cus my mind is empty . i now have 103 one direction posters on ONE WALL and my mum says in years to come if aliens see it they will think they were earths god so i said THEY ARE MY GOD . not really but they are AMAZAYN .  do something for sports relief its a good cause it helps support lots of people . please like , favourite and comment thxx and 



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