Bad girl

Good girl Olivia gets hit by a truck .she ends up friends with bad people ,as she follows there ways ,she gets dragged in to the bad side of life but will someone pull her out of it ?(ONE DIRECTION NOT FAMOUS)(plus she is 17)


6. back to school part 2


At lunch me and Niall walk to the canteen to get something to eat so I just grab a sandwich and go to the tables . PROBLEM I don't know where to sit . Niall starts to walk over to his table , and Lauren calls me over to her .So I walk to Laurens table and when Im about to sit down Niall shouts to me " you coming then " so I guess I'll go and sit with him "sorry Lauren next time " I say and I rush over to Nialls table .


Olivia's gunna sit on our table great now I can get the chance to actually talk to her."hey"i said with a smile on my face "hi " she replied back .through the rest of lunch me and the boys talked to her about everything . She now seemed pretty comfortable around us ."umm i was thinking if you wanna hang with us later " i really want her to say yes .


Zayn stupidly asked if Olivia wanted to come hang out with us later and when the boys say hang out they mean steal stuff from shops , rob random people, and fight other gangs . I really don't think she should come ."yer sure it should be fun " she replied .now shes in serious danger and me being the responsible one is going to have to look after her..............

the rest of school went by pretty fast "see ya at 8 meet us at my house " after telling her where i lived we parted ways cant wait to see what the boys will do tonight .

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