Bloody Trapland (PewDieCry Fanfic)

"Pewdie?" I called into the darkness. I had to find him, to know that he was still alive. "I'm here, Cry." I heard a faint Swedish voice say from the corner of the room. I sighed in relief, crawling over to him, lifting his head up. "Pewds, Are you alright?" I asked, wiping the blood from his face. I felt a tear roll down my cheek. "Yeah, Don't even worry about it, Cry." I couldn't see his face, but I knew him well enough to know that he wore a weak smile on his face, trying to cover the pain. "Pewds..I..Please stay with me, Pewdie!" I shook him gently, seeing his eyes flutter. I rested my forehead on his. "Don't leave me." I cried. I felt his hand reach up and touch my cheek. "Never." He whispered. I heard the door swing open, and two men with a stretcher came in. They pulled me away from Pewdie, and I scrambled into a corner, knowing well enough not to interfere with them. "Take him to the infirmary." One of them said. My eyes widened. No.. No one ever comes back from the infirmary..


3. First Blood

A/N There is some strong language at the end of this chapter, so, yeah. Just a little warning. Sorry it's so long of a chapter. Got a little carried away, lol.

The door clanked open, light filling the room like gas, and a man stepped into the room. He had short black hair with dark brown eyes that almost looked black. He wore a navy jacket with long pants. He had an insane grin on his face, and he wore glasses on the bridge of his nose. He turned to look at us, and he nodded at Pewdie. I glanced over at Pewdie, seeing his features harden and his eyes turn from amused to ice cold. He turned his head towards me, his eyes flashing worry before he turned away, looking at the floor.

"It's time.." Pewdie clenched his jaw. He walked over to a corner in the room and slipped on his red jumper and red pants. he grabbed his cat ears and fixed his headphones on his head. I put the mask back on, and re-positioned my own cat ears on top of my head. I gave one more glance at Pewdie, even though he couldn't see my face. I felt the man's stare burning into me, and I looked over at him, reaching down to grab the yellow blanket off the ground. 

"I'm ready." I stated. I walked behind Pewdie as we wove through different hallways, and we stopped at other rooms, collecting other partners. One pair, for their costumes, they were dressed as a werewolf and a vampire. Another pair were ghosts, and another were cowboys. I met a lot of the other guys, but somehow knowing them, and knowing that only two will come out alive makes this feel even more twisted. I met Ben and George who were the werewolf and vampire, Hunter and Shaun who were the cowboys, and Xavier and Dillon who were the ghosts. Behind the mask I was wearing, I could feel tears threatening to fall. I know that crying isn't that manly, but I can't help but feel sorry for these men. They seem to know they're going to their deaths because apparently Pewdie and his partner always win. And I'm his partner. 

"You okay?" Pewdie's voice broke me free from my thoughts. He rested his hand on my shoulder, and I felt my skin tingle at the contact, even though I wore a shirt and jumper. What is going on? Snap out of it. You just met him, and he's a guy.. I gulped, nodding at him. I noticed a small smile at the corners of his mouth, but his eyes still contained worry. I looked at the gate that we had stopped at. I'm really dreading this. What if I don't make it out alive? I remembered the blanket, and I held it up, surveying it closer. I noticed the faint letters F.K. sewed into it. F.K.? What is that supposed to mean? I heard a loud rumbling noise, and the gates creaked open slowly, revealing the arena. My eyes widened, and I felt fear surge through my body.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the contestants!" A male voice boomed over the loudspeaker. I felt everything go into slow motion as I scanned the huge crowd seated around the large arena. Contestants? Is that what he called us? They act as if we are just regular people chosen for a simple and childish game show. In reality, 16 people are going to die today.I counted 18 men as we walked here, and since only two people survive each time, 16 deaths. 16 innocent deaths, and for what? Entertainment? This whole thing sickens me. 

The crowd cheered loudly, and I saw everyone of the men in the arena hold up their hand to salute. I raised my hand as well, saluting to the people who would witness murder. Pewdie was to my right, and to my left, a guy I had met earlier. His name was Sam. He wore a gladiator's outfit, along with his partner, Dean. They seemed like they were brothers, and I could tell that Dean was older. I glanced over at Pewdie, seeing his expression. Cold eyes. Ice cold. His features, hard and stern. I could see his bright blue eyes slowly darkening. How did he go from joking and laughing to this in that little amount of time? 

"Contestants, choose your weapons!" The male voice returned over the loudspeaker. A large table rose up out of the floor of the arena, and weapons littered the white surface. I looked at all of the deadly objects. Swords, maces, bows and arrows, daggers, tridents even. I picked up some small daggers, and placed them on my belt. I grabbed a silver sword with about an eight inch blade. I've never used a sword, so I guess I'll have to learn now. I picked up a little bottle with some kind of liquid in it. I held it up to the light, trying to see the liquid inside. What was in there?

"It's poison, if you were wondering." A kind voice floated from behind me. I turned quickly, my hand reflexively going to one of the daggers on my belt. "Hey, woah, bro. Calm down, it's only me." Sam laughed. I smiled, and removed my hand from the dagger. 

"So this is poison?" I asked. What would poison do in this situation? There are no drinks to put it in. 

As if reading my mind, Sam said, "You throw it at someone, and it burns them, immobilizing them long enough for you to finish them off." He looked absolutely carefree as he said the words. How can someone not be sympathetic towards such death and violence? I sighed and placed the bottle on my belt. It might come in handy.

I looked back up at Sam, but his head was tilted slightly up, towards the crowd behind me. His face held an expression of pure sorrow and longing, the face of someone who's lost something of immeasurable value to them. I turned around and followed his gaze to a girl in the front row, the same expression captured on her face. The girl had shoulder-length brown hair with blonde highlights, and long fluttering eyelashes framing amazing hazel eyes. She looked about the same age as Sam. Why did they both look so sad?

"Um, Sam? Are you okay, man?" I asked, putting a hand on his shoulder. He tore his eyes from the girl and looked at me. His face was twisted in agony almost as if he had been shot through the heart. 

"That's my girlfriend.." I saw a glimmering tear roll down his cheek, and I felt both sympathy and anger. I felt sympathy towards Sam and his girl, but I felt extreme anger towards the people who set up this game for taking Sam away from his girlfriend. Before I could reply, the loudspeaker crackled to life again.

"Alrighty, folks! Let's get started!" The voice sounded. The crowd went wild as a timer was put up on a large screen, counting down to the bloodbath that was to come. 20 seconds. In 20 seconds, 16 men would die. I might be one of them. The weapons table lowered beneath the ground, as the clock reached 10 seconds. The crowd counted out loud the seconds left, as the tension in the arena mounted. 

"5...4...3...2...1..." The crowd held their breaths.

"Stop!" A voice yelled out from the front row of the crowd. All of the crowd, and the men in the arena turned in the direction of the voice. A figure jumped over the railing keeping the crowd back, and sprinted towards the group of men. I recognized her as Sam's girlfriend as she stopped in front of Sam, holding out her arms, as if defending him from an attacker. 

"Daisy, what are you doing?!" Sam asked frantically, trying to force her to move away, although I noticed the faint hint of a smile on his face.

"Saving your life, Sam! I won't let you die for these people's amusement! It's cruel! Do you hear me?! Cr-" Her sentence stopped abruptly,as a gunshot rang through the silence, and her eyes went wide. I noticed blood seeping from the left side of her stomach, and she looked at Sam with pleading eyes. "S-Sam, I-I'm Sorry." She fell forward onto the ground, and Sam ran over to her in lighting speed. He knelt beside her, and picked her head up, stroking her hair. 

"I'm sorry, Daisy. I'm so sorry.." He cried, resting his forehead on hers. She brought her hand up to his cheek, and wiped the tears away before her hand fell limp, and her breaths dissipated into nothingness. Sam went rigid as the loudspeaker came on.

"Gladiator number two, please step away from the deceased female." Sam set Daisy's head down gently, and stood up, taking off his gladiator helmet. He tossed it at the big screen, and yelled out.

"You did this! You fucking killed her! She was trying to protect me from dying in this shitty fucking game of yours! That's right! I said it! I called your little games shitty! And there's nothing you can do, because without me, your little games won't be complete! There'll be one less person getting fucking slaughtered for the entertainment of sick bastards like you! So you can all go fuck yourselves, because-" Once again, a gunshot pierced the air, cutting short Sam's rant. He fell to the ground, falling right next to Daisy. 

"Would anyone else like to make any statements?" The male announcer challenged. Nobody, not even Sam's older brother, moved a single muscle. I could see Dean trying to hold back his tears, as he bit his lip furiously. I knew he was trying hard not to yell out like Sam did. "Good, now let's get on with the games." I wasn't surprised anymore about how they just went on with the game as if nothing just happened, as if two people weren't just killed for trying to protect each other. But I guess the people here were already used to this kind of death.

A/N This chapter made me so emotional. I based the character Daisy off of one of my friends. Her name is actually Daisy, so yeah. Just a little inside on how I came up with the character. I hope you guys are enjoying this, I know I am. I will try to update the next chapter as soon as I can! ~Maddy <3

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