One Direction. Worldwide band with a loyal fandom. About a week ago their most recent tour 'Take Me Home' ended. These five boys are on a break and are all going to attend a very private academy near London. Aubrey. The nerdy girl in the back of the classroom who is always reading. She gets the unfortunate news of Harry returning. Her world is turned upside down. Past becomes present. The unexpected happens. Will they get through it all?


5. Dress shopping

A/N: This chapter is gonna be super short but I'm doing a double update today so enjoy (:


Aubrey's POV

Grace and I were driving to Macy's right now, and then if that doesn't work out then we are going to a local boutique that Grace's mom recommended. Once I pulled in the mall parking lot I went around the building till I was in the Macy's section. I parked in an empty spot that was a little hard to find due to its a Friday and there's probably a lot of girls from our school shopping for dresses. When we walked in I found all the party dresses and we split up.


After about forty five minutes I had 5 choices and decided to go find Grace until I bumped into someone. I looked up at Brittany, the head cheerleader holding some dresses heading to the changing room.

"Oh I'm, s-s-sorry", I stuttered.

"Oh no it's okay, Aubrey right?", she smiled.

"Um, y-ya", I answered.

"So who you going with?", she asked.

"Uh, Liam, you?", I returned the question.

"Oh, my might know him", she smirked,"harry".

I knew she was being nice for a reason. Bitch.

"Um yes, look I gotta go, have fun at the dance with h-him", I said hurrying to find grace. Once I found her she was talking to some blond boy.

"Um, G-Grace?", I asked tapping on her shoulder. She turned around with a grin plastered across her face.

"Yes? Oh Aubrey! Meet niall! Um, he's taking me to the masquerade!", she said excitedly. I waved at him and showed her the dresses.

After twenty minutes of examining them, she picked the two final ones so I had to go try them on. By then niall disappeared and we were in the dressing room. We finally decided on a navy blue knee length dress with jewels covering the chest. Grace decided on a hot pink knee length dress that had some silver detail at the top.

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