Lost And Found

Damiah, a 17 year old girl has been kidnapped and was sent to England from her abusive step father.She has been living on the streets ever sense she was 8. Harry, A young boy,was Damiah's friend tries to find out where her father had sent her.Will harry ever find Damiah?What will happen next?read more to find out.


4. A New Life's Beginning

                I couldn't sleep I tossed and turned all night. I just couldn't sleep. I sat up and looked at the door.I saw a light come on and I herd someone knocking on my door."Do I know you."I said to the boy that  came into my bedroom that looked like Hazza. I layed back down thinking I had imagined it. I needed to sleep. And not knowing I fell to a deep sleep.

              "Hello,Girly,Hello."The Irish accent gave it away.I realized I had slept till 3:00pm. "Okay so you should go downstairs to the living room where you can meet us . "Alright."I said shyly.  

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