Lost And Found

Damiah, a 17 year old girl has been kidnapped and was sent to England from her abusive step father.She has been living on the streets ever sense she was 8. Harry, A young boy,was Damiah's friend tries to find out where her father had sent her.Will harry ever find Damiah?What will happen next?read more to find out.


8. A must read A/N

                                          HEY so I'm writing a new/ another story called MISS FREE SPIRIT. 

Please read it. I like it so far but i want to know if you do so please read it....




                                               For this story I'd like to have some readers to be 






                                            Girlfriends in this story so comment everything about you / the character and we'll see who wins.


                           I'll put your names in a hat and draw the winners Good luck!!!! 

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