For Them

Harry Potter and his wife Vivian Potter. Their children Vanity and Henry who are twins are going to Hogwarts. But Bellatrix comes back to be worse than Voldemort and rule the world. When Henry sends a letter to Harry about what has been happening about Hogwarts , Harry comes to protect his kids!


6. The Boats

After the kids got off the train they got on the boats. Vanity got on with Ellia and Henry got on with DJ. As Henry was sitting down behind DJ Henry was looking around at The Hogwarts school. "Amazing. Isn't it?" Henry asked before he had realized that DJ wasn't in the boat anymore. He turned around and saw DJ sitting by his sister showing her his wand. When DJ had realized that Henry was looking he zapped himself on the boat with Henry. "Why did you do that? You don't need to bring that magic with you." Henry exclaimed. "What? It was just a little spell my dad taught me. Its not dark magic worry bug." DJ replied. Henry sighed worried about DJ. His dad told him all the stories he and Aunt Hermonie and Uncle Ronald did. When he found the Sorcerers Stone. Chamber of Secrets etc. Henry looked to his sister who was super excited with her best friend/ cousin Ellia. They only had a few more minutes before they were all the way across. Henry sat up straight and went in his wizard bag and got out his wand. It was a Phoenix Hair that was good for charms. He wanted to try a spell. But he was to scared to. He didn't want to get in trouble on his first night. His father did but Harry had a good reason why.He put back in and the boat stopped at the end.
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