For Them

Harry Potter and his wife Vivian Potter. Their children Vanity and Henry who are twins are going to Hogwarts. But Bellatrix comes back to be worse than Voldemort and rule the world. When Henry sends a letter to Harry about what has been happening about Hogwarts , Harry comes to protect his kids!


3. Off To Hogwarts


   Henry Potter was sitting down by he friend who he called  cousin because both there parents were close. Her name was Ellia.

     "Vanity, am totes excited to go to Hogwarts" said Ellia playing with her orange hair.  "Me too," Vanity said.

   She was sitting by DJ. Draco Jr. "Henry are you alright, you look upset" exclaimed Vanity leaning closer to her brother. She was sitting across from Henry. "No, I'm great. Don't worry I am just a little nervous that's all." "Alright whatever you say." Vanity leaned back and look at Dj

J who had a bunch of coins in his hands. "What do have all that out for?" Asked Vanity. 

"Dad said that there is fat woman who sales candy" replied DJ

  "You know, it is very nice to call anyone fat. How would you feel if you were called anything other than your name?" Asked Ellia. 

  "If someone called me fat I would hex them into next year."

   "Violence is never the answer DJ," said Vanity looking back at Henry. 

    "Would anyone like anything from the carton?" Asked the lady with the candy. 

     "Over here," said DJ waving his hand and getting so the lady could come to him. 

    "Henry would you like me to by you anything?" Asked Vanity  trying to. Get her brother a little cheered up.  

    "No thanks, I'm not that hungry" Henry said looking out the window.

      "Okay them. Come on Elliia before the line gets too long." Vanity and Ellia got up and went to the candy carton







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