For Them

Harry Potter and his wife Vivian Potter. Their children Vanity and Henry who are twins are going to Hogwarts. But Bellatrix comes back to be worse than Voldemort and rule the world. When Henry sends a letter to Harry about what has been happening about Hogwarts , Harry comes to protect his kids!


1. Prologue

It's your child. You love them of course. But what happens, when there is a time you just can't get to them? Whether it's you don't know where they are or whether it's just you don't have anyway to reach them? If you love them you will find a way to find them. Or figure out a way to reach them. You will get to them. A real parent will do whatever it takes to protect your children. Harry is one of those parents who will kill or be killed for his kids. So will his friends and his wife. "All Is Well" after your children are safe and secure.

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