the secret circle

Cassie Blake was a normal 13 year old girl that is until the day her life was thrown up in the air and ripped to pieces. Two years after the accident Cassie is now 15 and going to live with her mother and grandmother in a little town called Chance Harbor. What will happen when Cassie meets 11 strange teens her own age and they tell her about her ancestors? What will she do when she meets her real father? Add in the sister she never knew she had and Cassie has some trouble brewing... Cassie starts to wonder two things 1) What other secrets is her mother keeping from her and 2) Who can she trust when nothing else seems right in the life she once thought was perfect? Keep reading to find out.


1. chapter 1

 Cassie walked out the door of the only house she had every known. it had been two years since the accident that claimed her step dad's life. today was the two year anniversary of his death. they said it was suicide but he would never have left us like that Cassie thought bitterly. Oh Well. "So mom where did you say we were moving to again." Cassie asked in an annoyed tone of voice. "It's called Chance Harbor and it's where your grandmother lives. plus I know a lot of the people down there so their kids can help you or US out with unpacking and moving the stuff in and around the house. their kids are so nice you'll get along just fine with them their all your age too. so that's an add bonus." " Yay I can't wait!" Cassie says a hint of sarcasm in her voice they both get in the car and Cassie slips her ear buds in and pushes the shuffle button on her IPod Fix A Heart by Demi Lovato plays thorough her ear buds Cassie sighs as her mother throws her a look telling her to pay attention to what she's saying Cassie nods every so often fakeing interest after a while her music and the motion of the car on smothe pavement rock her to sleep.

a/n sorry it's so short I have a little bit of writers block so if you have any ideas comment them and I'll see what I can do. thanks updates might be slow because of school.

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