It's Always Been You. (Larry Fanfiction)

Louis and I have been secretly dating for about a year now. I’ve loved him since the first sight of him. I needed to be with him. Every time we kiss , I’m just reassured that I love him a lot.

The boys know of course. We could never keep a secret , like this , away from them. The one who knew it all along the MOST was Zayn. With his mysterious powers , he figured it all out before the others.

The thing that still hurts me the most is that Louis is actually still with Eleanor.

Stupid Management. He hates it with her. I know he wants to be with me more. I know it. She’s a nice girl and all , but I want Lou all to myself.

I hate the way they have to act in public just to keep Management satisfied.

Somehow we are still holding on strong. They can’t break us apart no matter what they try to do. We will stay strong and fight if we have to.

I won’t lose Louis.


5. So..yeah.

Louis's POV

"We do not have time to rant about our love life, Zayn. Sophia, we'll tell you later, but right now I have to fix things with Harry. As soon as possible." I bolt upstairs and wait outside his door.

I know I said to give him time, but I cant. I need to know if my Hazza is okay. I knock three times.

"Harry? Please let me in." The door slowly opens only to reveal a heartbroken looking Harry.

"Hey, Louis. I'm sorry. I wanted to kiss you. I mean, I really wanted to-"

"Babe, it's okay. I know you're still mad at me for declining that date offer."

"No..I-I'm over that."

"You are so lying, Harry. I know that meant a lot to you. And I just declined like an asshole. You probably felt horrible."

"Yeah. It hurt my feelings. But it's fine if you don't want to be seen with me." He looks at the floor in sadness.

"That's not true. I want to tell the fucking world about us. I want to show them about us. But now isn't the right time. You're perfect okay, babe?" He nods. "I'll talk to you about this a bit later, but our friends are waiting for us out there. We have to finish the game. And most importantly.. our turn." I smirk at Harry and he gives me the widest smile once he realizes what I meant.

"I'll make it good. Really good. For you." He says.

"I hope so, and we'll have even more fun later." I reply.

"Yes, yes we will." He smirks and I go to kiss his perfect, pink plump lips, but he stops me.

"Uh-uh-uh. Not yet, my darling." He grabs my hand and leads me back downstairs.

"Okay, guys. We're ready now."

"Harry? Louis? You guys gonna kiss now?" Zayn asks. I glance into Harry's perfect eyes and then his perfect lips nodding yes, as I lean in to kiss him.

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