Story of my life I keep her warm

Harry has a little sister. She is worshiped by many. Everyone thinks she's perfect. If only she could see that. Her name is Charlie. Her story is being made.


1. Youtube

A/N Hey guys I have had a movellas before my name was Stylesfan15 but I didn't like it anymore so I got a new one. Anyway I have change some things about Harrys life for the sake of the story anyway he is still British and all but his mom is not Ann Cox. I will get into that more later but for now here you go.

Charlie's P.O.V.

"And that concludes my point about my brother" I say with a smile "Anyway guys I have to go but leave a like and a comment on what I should do or talk about next week. Stay beautiful!" I say closing with my signature duck face peace sign.

I turn of my computer web cam and get to editing and posting on YouTube. I have only been doing YouTube for like 6 months but already I have over a million subscribers.

"Girl your brother gonna be here any second hurry your ass up" My room mate Makayla says in my door way

"Uh I know god who are you my mother" I say rolling my eye's

"Well sorta the only reason your aloud out here is because of me" She says like the know it all that she is

You see I am only 16 but I got accepted to this performing arts school in California. My family lives in Wisconsin. So my mom said she would only let me go if I went with my goodie goodie bff. So yeah now we are living the good life. I hear a knock on the door derailing my train of thought. I get up to go answer it but I am to late Makayla already did. Damn. You see she has a huge crush on Harry and she is so weird around him.

"Tehe hi Harry" She says with a huge smile

"Um hi is my sister here" He says making his eyebrow go up

"Maybe" She says winking

"I'm here bro" I interrupt as Makayla pouts and lets him in

"Thank god" He says wiping his forehead "Shall we be off then"







A/N so did you like it comment favorite all that good stuff and oh yeah STAY BEAUTIFUL!!


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