The Summer Before-Harry Styles

Sophie was just your average normal everyday girl. During summer '09 she visited Holmes Chapel. There she met a amazing boy name Harry Styles. They immediately hit it off but why will happen when Sophie has to leave? Will their love die or become even stronger?


6. Chapter 6

2 months later.


Sophie’s POV

I cannot believe I have to leave already. It’s been a great summer with Harry and I’m super upset that I have to leave ALREADY!


The time has gone by so quick.


Harry’s sitting on my bed watching me pack, helplessly. He has tried to help but failed. I pushed him back everytime he did try to help.


It’s not that I’m trying to ignore him. I’m just really upset I have to leave, you know?


He was the first boy I ever had liked/loved. I’ve never had a boyfriend before. Yah. Haha.


It would be so much easier if I had a phone. Yah. You heard right. I don’t even have a fricken’ phone for god sakes!


No offence to my mom or anything, but she need to stop treating me like a baby. Because I don’t have a phone, I don’t have a way to contact Harry.


Yayyyyy. Note the sarcasm.


I’m tring to stop the tears from crowding my eyes but I could already feel them coming up. I felt so weak.


“Hey, hey” I heard Harry’s soft voice, coming from behind me.


I turned around and ran to Harry, sobbing into his shirt.


Harry hugged me, rocking us back and forth. My sobs slowed and stopped.


Harry can make anything perfect.


“You know I’ll miss you right?” Harry whispered.


I looked up and smiled. “No. I’ll miss you more”


He laughed.


“Actually” I frowned “I didn’t know you would miss me” I said jokingly.


Harry facepalmed himself “Way to ruin a moment Soph”


I playfully slapped him and we both laughed.He’s adorable. I smile crept on my face.

“I need to go to the washroom!” I called down to Harry.

He nodded. I grabbed a cup and ran down to the bathroom. I filled it up with water and crept out, trying to be as silent as I could. I crept to my room.


Harry was laying down on my bed with his eyes closed.


I quickly dumped the water on him and ran out.

I watched him pop up and yell.

He looked around frantically and saw me. He smirked.

“OH. YOUR GONNA PAY FOR THAT, SMITH” He smiled devilishly.

Yah my surname is Smith.

But before he could do anything else, My mom came in a told me we had to go.

The smile vanished from Harry’s lips.


My mom walked out, into the awaiting car.


Harry hugged me, one last time and murmured into my ear.


“You know I love you right?” He smiled, sadly.


I nodded, too sad to reply with anything.


“I love you too” I sobbed sadly.


I dragged my suitcase to the front door of the cabin and rolled it to the car.

I smiled at Harry one last time and waved at him. He waved back.

I climbed into the car.

“Bye Harry” I yelled.

He smiled and waved again.

This was it.

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