The Summer Before-Harry Styles

Sophie was just your average normal everyday girl. During summer '09 she visited Holmes Chapel. There she met a amazing boy name Harry Styles. They immediately hit it off but why will happen when Sophie has to leave? Will their love die or become even stronger?


3. Chapter 3

Sophie's POV

The morning rays glared at me through the windows. I was about to jump off the bed but suddenly remembered I was on the top bunk in Holmes Chapel! I smiled and climbed down. 

I bounced into the bathroom and washed up. 

I hopped into the shower but when I was about to come out, I heard the doorbell. 

'Oh shit!', I thought, 'that must be Harry!'

I was basically still trying to get dressed! OMG I'm dead...

I hurriedly dressed and adjusted my hair. 

Why did I feel I needed to be dressed so perfectly in front of Harry?

I walked out casually and saw Harry leaning against the walls typing on his phone. I sat down and watched him while I was eating. Harry looked up and smirked. 

I quickly looked down and blushed. 

I was thinking about what we had planned for today but my thoughts were interrupted by Harry. 

"Hey Sophie!", Harry asked,"Do you want to go down to the bonfire on the beach with me tonight?"

I beamed at him, "Sure!", I said trying to sound casual like it was no big deal. 

Harry beamed back at me...blushing?

We ran outside onto the soft sand, sitting down. 

The first thing I noticed was that Harry was fidgeting. 

"What's wrong?", I asked. 

Harry looked up surprised and answered quickly, "nothing."

I decided to just ignore it and we sat, looking at the scenery around us. 

I heard Harry take a deep breath in quietly and quickly ask, "We'll you consider going to bonfire tonight as a date?",he blushed. 

What? Did I just here right?

"What?" I asked

He repeated it, this time slower and I immediately smiled! 

"Only if you want to, Harry!"

He beamed, "It's a date", he agreed but blushed again. 

There was a football(soccer ball) rolling in the sand. 

Harry picked it up and asked me "would you like to play a 1 on 1 match?" 

I smirked,"sure! Prepare to lose to a girl Styles!"

He laughed and kicked the ball. 

The match was quite intense. We yelled around things like,"ohh you're gonna pay for that"

In the end, I ended up winning. I stuck my tongue out at Harry and Harry just pouted. 

I had a great time but I can't wait for the date tonight. 

Harry's POV

Sophie had a really nice personality. She was funny, athletic and cute. She is the prettiest girl I've ever met. She is adorable. I wonder if she likes me...

I can't believe I asked her out on a sorta date. 

I really want to kiss her. Her lips are plump and red. 

I just sat on the sand staring at her...

Damn Styles. Stop thinking about her. Ask her to go swim. 

I stood up, put my hand out and pulled her up too. 

"C'mon Sophie. Lets go swimming!"

She smiled and ran down to the water and jumped in, the water splashing her. 

She really was perfect. 

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