The Summer Before-Harry Styles

Sophie was just your average normal everyday girl. During summer '09 she visited Holmes Chapel. There she met a amazing boy name Harry Styles. They immediately hit it off but why will happen when Sophie has to leave? Will their love die or become even stronger?


2. Chapter 2

Sophie's POV

I woke up with a start as the car came to a suddenly stop. My mom turned around with a big smile on her face.

"We're her darling!" 

I returned the smile than yawned. I rushed out if the car squinting my eyes. 

'Damn sun' I thought. 

The sun was glaring me in the face!

I hurriedly grabbed my bags and lugged them into the small cabin we were staying at for the summer. The cabin was small but cozy. 

First thing I did was run into the bedroom and hop onto the top bunk. 

I shouted out, "DIBS THE TOP BUNK!". Hey what can I say? I still have a childish side. Everyone does. 

My mom came in smiling at me, amused. 

I glared at her. 

It was only 10:00 so I decided to explore abit.... After I went to the beach that is. 

I grabbed my bathing suit and slipped it on, running outside into the water. I love how the cabin is right by the beach. 

There weren't many people considering the fact that it was 10:00 am. 

The first person I saw when I jumped in was a boy that looked around 15 or 16. He had curly hair that was brown, just like mine except with more curls. 

I caught his eye. He had green eyes that looked like emeralds. Boy was he hot. 

I looked up just in time to see him wave at me. I waved back and blushed looking down. 

He jumped up brushing the sand off of him and made his way over to me, his curls flopping. 

"Hi!", he said to me, his voice low and raspy. He was fiddling with his fingers. It was all quite cute. 

"Hey." I replied back trying to sound casual. His emerald green eyes were staring into mine. 

"What's your name?", he asked quietly. 

"Sophie. Sophie Twist", I replied back, "What's yours?".

"Ahh. I beautiful name for a beautiful girl", he said lowly, making me blush," my name is Harry Styles."

"Hi Harry!" I mumbled. 

He was really adorable. I took notice of his dimples that showed when he smiled. 

We sat down on the beach talking. He asked me where I was from, where i was staying, my age, etc. I answered the questions truthfully and asked him questions too. 

I found our that he is currently 15, he lives in Holmes Chapel, he loves cats and etc. 

He was actually quite charming. 

We talked and hung out the whole day. It was almost as if we've know each other since we were young! 


At around 7:00 pm, I had to get home. I hugged Harry and told him to meet me here in the morning. 

When we hugged, I felt sparks going down my body and I shivered. Not because of the cold but because of him. 

Questions swarmed through my head. What is happening to me? Why do I feel like this? Do I have a crush on Harry? 

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