Forever Isn't Over Yet.

Allison and Harry were like bees and honey, they did everything together until Harry left for The X-Factor. Allison was proud of him and was there for his audition, but two years later he forgot.... and Allison remembered. Every time someone talks about One Direction Allison loses it.


4. Don't Forget Me


All I been thinking is about Harry, Harry, Harry, Harry I text two weeks ago saying 

To Harry<3: Hey how have you been I miss you I know your all famous and stuff but before you go on stage, or get to the concert can you take two seconds and text me I might sound all crazy and stuff but, I still love you even if you don't remember me, I love you Harry you are my only true love... <3. 


"He still hasn't texted me back in two weeks I don-." I stopped telling my new best friend Amanda because my phone rung. 


From Harry<3: Um..... who are you? Are you a crazy fan?Because I am tired of all these fucking fans finding my cell phone number. I already my change fucking number ten times this week, shit stop it with this bullshit I sometimes I wish you all could fucking die.

"Was it him tell me tell me tell me!" Amanda scream with happiness. 

"Yeah, sadly enough."

"Why so blue? Haven't you been waiting for this..." She said kind of confused. 

"No, not for this." I said handing her my phone so she could she text.

She looked at it and gasped. 

"What!? How could he forget, did he delete your number.. why didn't he save it OMG he is such an asshole." She screaming at the top of her lungs.

"Well I am going to txt back this "asshole" I suppose, he might love me again he knows my name." I said taking my phone back. 


To Harry<3: Hey, um isn't that kind of harsh for the person you said you would never stop loving you before you went on stage to X-Factor your the one who said, I quote "I will love you forever" do you remember that... :/"

From Harry<3: Um I said that to a beautiful wonderful girl unlike your ugly ass self I said that to the love of my life the one that made me whole and I will find her. If  I have to search the entire earth I will until I find her but that girl isn't you. I hope she doesn't think I am a stuck boy but why am I telling you this. GOSH BYE."

To Harry<3: Well for your information I am that girl... I could prove it ask me a question.

From Harry<3: If you can prove it so well, then what is the nickname I gave you or her and what is her real name.

To Harry<3: My nickname was Ali and my real name is Allison.

From Harry<3: .... 

To Harry<3: Did that prove it hotshot.

From Harry <3: No that doesn't prove anything, I have another question if you're up for it hotshot.

To Harry<3: I am up for it Mister Styles.

From Harry<3: Then was the nickname she called me?

To Harry<3: Haz or Hazza.

From Harry<3: ....... Ali,Al is that really you...

To Harry<3: Yes, it is Hazza.


I thought I would never see him again in my life I lost all hope till now.............


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