Forever and Always-Louis Tomlinson

Kinley Alexis is your normal average everyday girl. It has always been that way until a gorgeous boy name Louis Tomlinson moves in next to her. They immediately friends but they soon realize they have developed feelings for each other. Like all relationships, they have their ups and downs. Will they make it through all this or will they remain friends forever?


1. The New Neighbour

Hey. So this is new. Haha. I'm also writing this on my wattpad. same username :) follow me!


Kinley's POV

Today wasn't exactly what i would call a er beautiful day. It was dreary outside. Big grey clouds covering the sky. Looked like it was going to rain...

"Kinley!", My thoughts were interrupted by my mom's shouts.

"What?", I grumbled.

"Come down!". I heard her shout again.

I trudged downstairs to see what the big commotion was about.

My mum was looking out the window, beaming.

I saw a truck next door. That house has been empty for almost a year. Looks like some people were moving in.

There were 4 girls and 1 boy looking around my age. 16 or 17 im guessing.

Something about the boy made me focus my attention on him. He looked energetic and happy. Like the type of people i get along with i guess.

I caught the boy's eye. He waved at me. I beamed and waved back. I wasn't exactly the popular type so i was glad I had met a person that most likely would become one of my friends.

I sprinted out the door and ran towards the neighbor's house, going to introduce myself. Now that i had a closer view of the boy, i could tell that he had light brown hair and sky blue eyes. 

I ran over waving.

By the time i got there i was panting. The boy looked quite amused. I glared playfully and went on to introduce myself.

"Hi! My name is Kinley Alexis!" I smiled, "I guess we'll be next door neighbors for...a while!"

The boy smiled. "Wow that's a beautiful name. Kinley. Kinley. Kinley", He repeated while i stared at him like he was wacko.

"Anyways. My name is Louis Tomlinson. Nice to meet you Kinley" He finished.

"Hi Louis!" I kept smiling.

"You already said that" Louis replied cheekily.

I laughed. I could tell we're going to get a long.

Louis' POV

Kinley was a sweet girl. Kind and loving. I immediately took a liking for her. She had light brown hair like mine and had brown eyes. 

"Do you want to play 20 questions?" my thoughts were interupted by Kinley.

"Sure" i smiled down at her.

K: How old are you?
L: 17. You?
K: 16
L: Cats or Dogs?
K: Dogs 

It went on basically like that for half and hour. 

We were sitting quietly for a while - no it wasn't awkward at all. 

Suddenly Kinley asked "Can you sing?"


"C'mon" Kinley urged. 

"Fine" I squirmed around. 

After I finished the song, she was staring at me. 

I blushed. "Sorry. I know that was horrible. "

Kinley gawked at me. "Are you serious Louis? That was awesome!" 

I thanked her. 

"I think I should get going. Adjust to the place. And you know" I said quietly. 

Kinley smiled. Wow she smiles a lot. "Sure! I'll see you later!"

I agreed to this and walked away silently. I waved to her and she waved back. 

Kinley is amazing. 

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