Forever and Always-Louis Tomlinson

Kinley Alexis is your normal average everyday girl. It has always been that way until a gorgeous boy name Louis Tomlinson moves in next to her. They immediately friends but they soon realize they have developed feelings for each other. Like all relationships, they have their ups and downs. Will they make it through all this or will they remain friends forever?


4. The Accident


Kinley's POV

I woke up to a bright, sunny day. Bird were chirping cheerfully. I thought popped into my head. Today was the day of the date!

I was definitely excited for that! 

I smiled to myself.

The phone suddenly started ringing and I picked it up to see who it was. 

It said it was from Louis...

My first thought was panic. What is he was here to cancel the date. What if it was all a joke when he said he likes me? What if...

The ring tone blared on breaking my thoughts. I grabbed my phone, my hands shaking while pressing the answer button.

'C'mon.', I thought, ' Your panicking way too much'

"H-hello?" I stuttered. Since when did i stutter?

"Hi!" Louis chirped 

"Somebody's happy today" I teased.

"Haha. Very funny" He shot back, jokingly, "I was just wondering if we could go out to grab something to eat for breakfast.

I considered it.

"Okay" I replied. "Be out in 10 minutes"

I hung up. I looked at my watch. 8:05 am. I had 10 minutes. Oh no.

I dashed around my house. Good thing i didn't need to eat breakfast. 

I sprinted around the house probably looking like a mad woman but whatevs. I ran across to Louis' house. 

Phew. I was 1 minute early. That was hard.

"Took you long enough" Louis teased.

I glared at him playfully. "I was 1 minute early!" I protested.

"We're gonna walk there" Louis told me.

Before he even finished his sentence i started running across the street. I guess I wasn't looking where I was going because the last thing I heard was Louis screaming at me and me getting hit. 

Everything went black.

Louis' POV

Kinley took off across the streets. There was a car coming around the corner and Kinley was running straight towards it. She was going quite fast so she probably didn't see it. 

I tore across the streets trying to catch up while screaming for her to stop.

She didn't. 

The car didn't see her either and crashed into her. 

Kinley fell to the ground and was immediately unconscious. I ran the rest of the way there, yelling her name.

I fell to the ground next to her. Her arm was twisted in a weird way.

I shook her.

Nothing happened.

I whipped out my phone, calling 911, telling them to come while sobbing.

She was my best friend, my crush, the only person I could depend on apart from my family.

"I dear God. Please let her be okay" I sobbed.

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