Forever and Always-Louis Tomlinson

Kinley Alexis is your normal average everyday girl. It has always been that way until a gorgeous boy name Louis Tomlinson moves in next to her. They immediately friends but they soon realize they have developed feelings for each other. Like all relationships, they have their ups and downs. Will they make it through all this or will they remain friends forever?


2. Dinner

1 week later

Kinley's POV

"Hurry down! The Tomlinson's are coming over for dinner!", My mom called.

Us two familys bonded quickly and Louis and I quickly became best friends. He was like the brother i never had!

Through the days, i got to get to know him better. He was sweet, kind, helping and funny. Sassy i may add.

I got lost in my thoughts and just sat there thinking.

"KINLEY ALEXIS", my mom screamed, breaking my thoughts.

"Coming, coming", I ran down before she threw a big fit.

Hey don't get me wrong. I love my mum but you know. Haha 

I stumbled down the stairs, almost tripping on the last few steps. I already saw my mother setting the table. I swiftly grabbed the plates and set them on the table.

"Thanks", my mum smiled at me, her eyes sparkling. I smiled back.

*Ding Dong*

I heard the doorbell. 

'That must be the Tomlinsons' I thought rushing towards the door.

I pulled open the door and let them in.

Louis pulled me into a hug and i smiled. He was totally awesome like that! I could list a bunch of other reasons too why he was awesome...

The two of us skipped into the dining room and sat down. We waited for everyone else to come and then we dug in. It was delicious! 

I love chicken! Willllll...if you don't count the other time Louis came over for supper and we had chicken and he told me that chicken tastes like fried ants, slugs, caterpillars, cockroaches, grasshoppers and etc. (A/N. True Fact :D)

I almost threw up the chicken i had that day. 

I also liked my peanut butter just fine until Louis had to tell me that spiders taste like peanut butter... oh my god that was not funny.

After we finished our dinner, me and Louis sprinted up stairs, into my room. We talked abit and suddenly Louis slightly stiffened and turned my head so i was looking at him.

"Kinley. Can I ask you something?"

Louis' POV

I really enjoyed being around Kinley. She was kind and sweet. Cute i must say. I had to ask her it. It's now or never...

I turned her head so she was facing me. I took a deep breathe. This is it.

"Kinley. Can I ask you something?"

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