Forever and Always-Louis Tomlinson

Kinley Alexis is your normal average everyday girl. It has always been that way until a gorgeous boy name Louis Tomlinson moves in next to her. They immediately friends but they soon realize they have developed feelings for each other. Like all relationships, they have their ups and downs. Will they make it through all this or will they remain friends forever?


7. Amy

Louis' POV


I got home, ran up to my bedroom and flung myself onto my bed. 

Letting the softness of the mattress take over me, I cried my heart out.

Since when have I cried so much over a girl? I didn't even cry so hard when my ex dumped me...

Ah. will that was different. She used me. Turns out I was friends with somebody she liked so she decided to use me so that she could get to know him better...



"Hey Josh" I yelled to my friend. 

"What's up?" He spun around to face me.

I rolled my eyes "Have you seen Amy?"

Amy is my girlfriend. She's really sweet and caring.

Josh chuckled and pointed to the right side, around the corner.

I raced there as fast as I could. I needed to tell Amy something really important.

What i saw when i reached where she was standing, my whole world fell apart.

I trusted Lucas. He was my best friend. How could he?

Amy and Luc were full on snogging.

My lip began trembling and tears filled my eyes.

They immediately broke apart when they saw me.

I ran home and stayed there all day.

Later that night, Amy texted me apologizing and broke up with me saying we weren't meant 

for each other. I agreed throughly.

End of Flashback


After thinking about that, i agreed that Kinley was much more different. 

I lay down thinking about everything that happened today, and then sleep flooded me.


Kinley's POV

I still could hear everything happening around. 

Footsteps everywhere.

I wish i could see. And move. And talk...

Where are my parents?

Is Louis still here?

"Her parents should be here in a bit." 

I heard a male voice speaking. Guess he was talking about me...

I closed my eyes for like a minute, before feeling drowsy. 

I fell into deep slumber.

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