I Hate You

Chelsie is your average girl. Has her best friends and her worst friends. When she is forced to go on tour with her nemesis, will he find out more about her than she is willing to let out?


3. Summer; June 17th

Justin and Scooter were sat in a dark room covered in tea lights.

"Can I just say, I'm not doing this for Chelsie. I'm doing this for Chrystin and that's it." Justin reassured himself and made it quite clear. Scooter nodded his head, even though he was sure that this wasn't just for Chrystin. Chrystin had told Justin that she had to work, Justin now knew that he was told this so he could concentrate on his career. He just wished he knew the truth. As the door swung open to reveal a rather annoyed Chaz, he knew Chelsie was going to be arriving soon. He quickly set the music on and made sure everything was ready. The door opened again and this time, came in a pair. Ryan and Chelsie.

"SURPRISE!" Scooter shouted, Chaz murmured and Justin wasn't even paying attention.

"You guys did this for me?" Chelsie smiled.

"No. For Chrystin." Justin said blankly earning himself a violent kick from Scooter.

"Justin, don't be rude." Scooter glared at him and Justin shrugged.

"Scooter!" Chelsie shouted, throwing herself at the big guy in the corner. He was well built, just the right height and had shortish hair. He was wearing a black suit and of course, a smile plastered across his face.

"Hey Ce!" He chimed. He took her out to arms length.

"You wanna be famous yet?" He looked at her suspiciously and almost pleadingly. Chelsie thought for a second and shook her head.

"I don't want to turn out like that, thank you very much!" she said bluntly pointing at the boy who was leant over the buffet table, throwing all different foods inside his mouth.

"Pig." She said under her mouth.

"there's nothing wrong with me. You just set your standards to high. Every guy is like me. But obviously I'm better looking." he retorted defensively.

"Big headed pig!" She corrected herself. Justin rolled his eyes and murmured something that could only be curse words under his breath.

"Don't worry. Not all of 'em turn out like him." Scooter assured her.

"Not yet Scoot." She replied, in a tone to hopefully stop the argument. For this, it worked, and the case was dropped. The door swung open one last time.

"Sorry I'm late guys!" Pattie called. Chelsie beamed. She had everyone around her that she loved. Apart from Justin. But she could even feel her Mom beside her, somehow. She felt safe. Like nothing could ever go wrong, and on that note, Ryan's arms wrapped themselves around Chelsie's waist directly on cue.

They finally reached the hotel, and Chelsie wandered off to look for the toilet.

"Hey shawty. I missed you." a husky voice said, pulling Chelsie into one of the cupboards.

"Jason?" Chelsie said, completely in shock. The boy smiled, showing his pearly whites.

"Yeah. You miss me?" he questioned.

"No. Not really." Chelsie rolled her eyes. Jason held her up against the wall.

"Well too bad sweetheart, because tire working for us now." he growled.

"What the heck do you mean, McCann?" she looked at him annoyed.

"Quit the gang you're with now, and if I see that boy have his hands around you one more time, I'm going too-"

"I'm not in any gang anymore. I quit! Keep up! This was 2 years ago we're talking. I thought you died anyway?! And I swear if you lay one dirty finger on Ryan, you're going to wish you were never born McCann!" Chelsie kneed him, right where it hurts and pushed him up against the wall. His face ached with pain.

"Now if you don't mind, I'm going to enjoy the rest of my life!" Chelsie stormed out the small room. Ryan came running over.

"Where have you been?" he said, with a worried tone. Chelsie looked back around and saw Jason staring at her and Ryan.

"Oh you know, just building up the courage to do this." She stood up on her tip toes and kissed Ryan. She could feel Jason watching her, which made her smile. Ryan also smilies when he felt Chelsie smile. Chelsie let go and Jason glared and snooped out of the hotel.

"C'mon then, let's go find a room." Chelsie smiled at Ryan. Ryan smiled back, took her hand and led her to where the others were standing.

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