I Hate You

Chelsie is your average girl. Has her best friends and her worst friends. When she is forced to go on tour with her nemesis, will he find out more about her than she is willing to let out?


2. Summer; June 16th 2012

"I know you love her man, but if she doesn't love you back, then it's time for you to let go. All it's going to do is hurt you." Chaz said quietly. But not quietly enough because Justin had soon enough interrupted.

"Love who?" Justin said confused, with his purple toothbrush hanging out of his mouth. Ryan looked up at Justin and shook his head, looking back down to the bed. Chaz looked up at Justin.

"Don't worry man. You wouldn't understand." Justin took the toothbrush out of his mouth.

"What do you mean I won't understand!?" He yelled, causing Ryan to bolt up.

"I didn't mean it like that! I just know you... Don't like her?" Chaz barely whispered. He knew what Justin was capable of, and even though he had to be on this tour, he knew Justin would kick him out of the bus.

"Hang on. There's only one girl I dislike and that's Maisy from fourth grade." Justin gritted his teeth and the memory of the girl. This was true. Justin clearly despised this girl. It wasn't pure hatred though, it was more of a dislike towards her, and why? Well, why not. She had perfect grades, perfect looks, all the money and everything she could ask for. See, Justin wasn't a jealous person, and he wasn't greedy. He just knew he was better than her. Or should I say thought. The fact she got higher grades than him, affected him a lot, and of course the time she spilt her pineapple juice over his new jeans. He never seemed to have forgiven her for that, but if that didn't happen, then he wouldn't have ended up being as close as he was with Chaz and Ryan.

"It can't be Maisy. She moved to England AND you never see her. So choke up. Who do you think I dislike?" Justin said, regaining his smile. Ryan looked down once again.

"Chelsie." he whispered. Justin came closer to Ryan.

"I didn't catch that." Justin eyed him suspiciously. If what he thought he said were true, he needed to make sure before any actions were to take place. At that precise moment, a gentle tap at the door was heard. Justin rolled his eyes and looked towards the door.

"Who is it?" Justin called, annoyed.

"It's Chels." Chaz replied for her. Justin looked at Chaz confused. He picked up his phone and showed him the message that read, 'it's Chels. I don't want to speak to Justin.' Justin read it and laughed.

"You can't come in, witch. We're in the middle of something." Justin called out as Ryan stood up. He looked at Justin disgusted.

"What?" Was all Justin could say before Ryan turned his head back and walked towards the door. As he opened the door, the tour bus gave a sudden jolt and Ryan's grip on the door slid and the handle came off.

"Chels, open the door." Ryan said, trying to sooth her. Chelsie turned the handle and the door sprung open, revealing all three boys staring at her. She was dressed in a 'Hello Kitty' baby grow. Her make up smudged as she tried to wipe away the tears that were stained down her pink cheeks.

"You broke my door!" Justin's late complain came and Ryan just ignored it, he took Chelsie in his arms and hugged her tight. Her gentle sobbing could no longer be heard, her face was buried deep in Ryan's shoulders. As she pulled away, she wiped away her tears and looked Ryan directly in the eye.

"Ry...." Chelsie spoke quietly, only a quiet sob was heard in the speech.

"Yes princess?" He replied, not letting go of her and looking directly in her eyes.

"She didn't make it." Chelsie buried herself again, feeling more tears fall down her eyes. Ryan slowly rubbed her back as he hugged her, closing his eyes. Justin looked at Chaz confused. He walked over to him and sat down beside him.

"Who didn't make it?" He questioned, Chaz stood up, ready to comfort Chelsie if she needed it.

"Her Mom Justin. She had cancer remember? Oh, wait. You probably don't because you spend all your time hating on people, and sucking their faces off!" Chaz growled, shook his head and walked over to where Ryan and Chelsie were stood. Justin stayed sitting there, lost for words.

The rest of the night, was silent. Only sobs from Chelsie were heard. They were all sat on the soda watching a scary movie. Chelsie cuddled up to Ryan, who didn't mind at all. Justin sat watching the movie, trying not to complain and Chaz, sat on his phone playing Angry Birds.

"Chaz, you might as well just watch the movie. You're not going to beat my hi-score." Chelsie sighed, giggling at Chaz. Ryan held her tighter and watched Chaz as he tried to not listen to what Chelsie was saying. His tongue peeking out of his mouth, every once in a while. Chelsie loved the sight of Chaz concentrating. It was the only time he shut up.

"Is everyone okay?" A quiet voice spoke, coming from out of one of the rooms. Justin looked up. Pattie stood looking down at us all.

"How far now Mom?" Justin asked, not taking his eyes off his Mom who sat down on the arm of the sofa next to him.

"Nearly there, sweetheart." She replied, stroking his hair. They both looked out to the movie.

"What the heck are you lot watching?" Pattie gasped, at the sight of the blood and gore.

"It's only me watching it Mom. Everyone else is," he glanced at Ryan and Chelsie who were not paying any attention, Chelsie falling asleep in Ryan's arms.

"Pre-occupied." Justin finished his sentence, scowling at the others.

"Time for bed!" Pattie shouted, clapping her hands. Ryan lifted up a now fast asleep Chelsie and carried her to a bedroom. Chaz got up, eyes still fixed on the phone.

"Chaz. I think it's time you weren't playing on that phone. Give it here, I'll give it back in the morning." Pattie reached for it and Chaz groaned and gave it up. He stomped off to his room and Justin chuckled, gave his Mom a kiss on the cheek and went off to bed.

Chelsie woke up, Ryan's arms were around her tightly.

"Hey. Ry?" Chelsie whispered. He didn't move.

"ok. I'll have to use force." she pulled herself free and stood up. She walked into the little bathroom and started up the shower. She then walked back out to find some towels. She heard someone chuckle as she turned back around. Justin stood, with a towel in his hand, making his way towards the bathroom.

"Have fun waiting, Witch!" He snarled, laughing.

"Aye no!" Chelsie ran towards the bathroom door and put her hands up as it closed and hit her.

"I HATE YOU!" Chelsie screamed, waking Ryan up. He got up from the bed, and made his way to the bathroom. He walked up to Chelsie and wrapped his arms around her.

"What's the door done now, babe?" he smirked at his own joke. Chelsie couldn't take it anymore. She burst out into tears. Ryan held her. Justin, who was listening from the other side of the door, sighed and stopped the shower running.

"it's not my fault you hate me so much. Maybe if you didn't, you'd see the real me, the me that........"

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