I Hate You

Chelsie is your average girl. Has her best friends and her worst friends. When she is forced to go on tour with her nemesis, will he find out more about her than she is willing to let out?


1. Summer; June 15th 2012

Chelsie picked up a waterbottle and tried twisting the lid, she threw it across the floor as the sixth time twisting failed her.

"Freaking bottle." She murmured angrily to herself as Chaz walked in to the dining room. He picked up the bottle and untwisted it taking a long gulp.

"No Chaz! That's mine!" Chelsie shouted, and jumped on him. The bottle went flying and the water soaked the pair of them and everything around them.

"Not anymore it isn't." Chaz mumbled as Chelsie sweetly smiled and looked up to see Ryan. She smiled once again, her eyes brightening and jumped off Chaz.

"RY!" She shouted, running up to Ryan and squeezing him into a hug. "Aye shawty, I got some bad news." She looked up at him, curiously. "What's the bad news Ry?" She asked, waiting for the reply. Ryan licked his lips and looked down at her. "Well, wemighthavetogoseeJustin." He said quickly. She scowled.

"I don't want to see him!" She whined, looking up at Ryan.

"I knew cutie, but we have too." He replied sadly. Chaz came in, covered in water. Ryan looked at Chaz, Chelsie turned around and looked at him.

"What the heck happened to you?" She asked, Ryan nodded.

"Some little kid pushed me in the pool." Chelsie bit her lip trying not to laugh, a small smile forming on her red lips. Ryan put his nose down to the top of her head to try and hide his laugh.

"I'm going to get changed." He said sulkily, walking upstairs, leaving a trail of water. Chelsie turned back round to Ryan.

"Do we seriously have to go and see it?" Chelsie said, implying as if 'it' was some boring movie at the cinema.

"Yeah baby, I'm sorry." He replied, Chelsie pouted then rolled her eyes. "Guess, I better get packed then." She smiled cutely at Ryan then turned to walk up the stairs, missing the wet bits.

"Or, we could just go shopping, get everything you need and go from there." Ryan suggested, suspiciously. She eyed him.

"What are you trying to say?" She looked at him, inspecting every part of his face.

"Nothing, I just thought it'd be a good idea. I never thought you would ever turn down going shopping." He tried to cover himself up. She rolled her mascara coated eyes.

"Okay fine," She finally smiled. He smiled happily and held out his arm for her. She ran to him and walked out the house with him. They finally reached the mall. She already had so many bags, in her hand, in Ryan's bag and in the car.

"Are you hungry yet?" Ryan said, for the ten millionth time. Chelsie rolled her eyes and turned to him. He pouted.

"Fine!" She gave in and looked around for food.

"This way." Ryan said as he pulled her arm towards the direction he was going. They finally got to a booth and sat down. Ryan ordered food and they were eating.

"What time do we have to leave?" Chelsie asked whilst shoving some salad down her throat. He smiled. "You're so ladylike." He said. She kicked him from under the table. "We're leaving at 6." She looked at him, and made a gesture for him to go on.

"It's 4." He said, taking a bite out of his burger. It took about half hour to get to the airport.

"Where do you want to go now?" He asked casually.

"Your bed." Chelsie replied, putting her head on the table ontop of her outstretched arm. She wasn't being sexual. Ryan's bed was the comfiest bed she'd ever slept in. As far as she could remember. Since they last had a sleepover when Chelsie was ten and Ryan was twelve. Chelsie was now sixteen and Ryan, eighteen. "Let's just shop, then go. If you sleep now, you won't want to get up." He said, taking another big bite out of his burger.

"That's the point." She moaned, lazily. She closed her eyes and went to put her hand on my ear to drown out the noise when her drink went flying and soaked Ryan head to foot in strawberry milkshake. She opened her eyes quick, and bolted up. "Sorry!" She said quickly. He looked at her and stood up. It was bad. She tried to not giggle, but it was hard. He looked down at himself then at Chelsie. He sat back down in order to cover himself. Chelsie stood up and got some towels from the lady behind the food bar. She put them on Ryan and tried to dry it. It looked so wrong from any angle. All she was doing was cleaning strawberry milkshake off his jeans.

"Chels, stop doing that. You'll turn me on." He said, his voice turning into an ache. She smiled at him, and rubbed it over him harder.

"Look babe, you got me wet, now you wanna get me hard?"

"Maybe." She playfully winked. He smiled at her and stood back up.

"It looks... Better." she said, trying to make him feel better. He rolled his eyes and put her in front of him. "Walk me to the car." He said.

"Aye, aren't you meant to be walking me to the car?" she asked, walking as he wrapped his arms around her, walking with her.

"You got me wet." He said.

"Oh, I didn't realise I was that sexy." She smirked and walked faster. "Chels, slow down." He complained. "Why? Does it hurt?" She looked up at him and he rolled his eyes. They finally made it to the car, with no embarrassments.

They reached the airport in Atlanta. Ryan was all dry and Chaz was playing angry birds whilst walking in the door. Literally. "Ow!" He moaned, as he rebounded from the door. He rubbed his head and looked back down at his phone. He groaned and walked in behind me in some tantrum. "Did you lose again Chazzy?" Chelsie asked, torturing him. "Shut up!" He replied, annoyed.

"Aye, don't tell her to shut up!" Ryan shouted, backing her up.

"Shut up Ryan!" Chaz looked at Ryan, Ryan looked at Chaz. Chelsie stood in between them both.

"Don't you start a riot." She warned, as she looked ahead and rolled her eyes.

"Pig's here." She groaned.

"Hello witch." He replied.

"You answered to pig." she smiled.. "You answered to witch." He smirked. She rolled her eyes again. "JB!" Ryan shouted.

"Ryan, you're mine." Chelsie said, turning to him.

"I know baby. But he's my best friend." He replied.

"Haha, replaced." Justin said evilly. "Then what am I?" She asked Ryan. "Uh.. My best girlfriend. I mean my girl best friend... Yeah." He said uncertainly.

Chelsie scowled at him, he scowled back at her. She stepped back and grabbed Ryan pulling him back. She glared at him and he looked back innocently at her. Justin coughed for attention, both Ryan and Chelsie looked down red in the cheeks.

"if you two love birds are quite finished." Justin said, glaring at the pair.

"we have a plane to catch, right about now! So LEGGO!" Chelsie rolled her eyes. Ryan grabbed her hand again and looked back down at her smiling. She looked up at him once and started to walk forward.

"wrong way shawty." Ryan chuckled as he tugged her hand and pulled her in the direction.

"LEGGOOOOO!" Chelsie screamed causing loads of people to turn back. Ryan chuckled, Chaz didn't respond and Justin growled.

As they finally walked into the airport entrance, Chelsie heard her step dad call her.

"Chelsie bun!"

"helloooooooooooo." Chelsie called back enthusiastically.

"Ryan, Chaz, Justin." he smiled at the boys.

"no, it's Ry, Chazzy and Pig." Chelsie grinned and Ryan smiled and gripped her hand tighter.

"you're plane is this way." the man smiled ignoring Chelsie's comment about the names.

"actually, we have VIP..." Justin stated, slightly smiling.

"bye then!" Chelsie shrugged, slowly letting go of Ryan. Ryan looked back at Justin and Justin sighed.

"Fine. But on the way back, MY CHOICE." Justin rolled his eyes.

"Who said you're going to be there on the way back?" Chelsie grinned again, holding onto Ryan tighter.

They boarded on the jet and Chelsie sat down next to a window, Ryan was next to her. He looked down at her and smiled, she looked back up at him.

"You are so beautiful Chelsie."

"I know." She giggled and he just kept smiling. He still had hold of her hand. It was as of as he didn't want to let go...

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