Could it be him~Harry Styles

I didn't know whether he could help me or not, but he intrigued me, so I brought down my walls ...


7. chapter 7

I immediately looked down, how could he possibly ask me a question like that after asking to be my boyfriend? I sighed, I know he just wants to help but if I tell him I could be taken away again and I really couldn't put Harry and myself in that danger. "Look Harry you don't really know me or what I've been through, and well I know your trying to help and everything but.....just forget it okay?" I felt angry but upset at the same time. When I had finished, I looked up slowly, Harry gently cupped my face with his hands and nodded slightly. "Of course, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be so forward, but just know when your ready to talk to someone, I'm always going to be here. Always" I let the tears slip down my face, not afraid of what he would think or what he would do. He leaned forward and lightly kissed the tears that were falling down my cheeks. I laughed softly at him, standing up and wiping my tear stained cheeks. Harry did the same, "Lets go downstairs so I can show off to everyone my beautiful girl" he grinned at me cheekily, just like he had the first time we met. I giggled as he led me down the stairs with his arm slumped around my shoulders.

When we entered the room, Liam, Louis, and Zayn were sitting on one couch and Niall and Stace were cuddling on another, they were all watching Harry Potter. "Um guys are you watching Harry Potter??" they looked at me and nodded, then quickly went back to the film. Harry sat down, clearly wanting to watch some of the film. He looked at me and chuckled as I crawled into his lap and put my head on his chest. "Clearly you wanted this to happen since you left me no room on the couch" I said closing my eyes, Harry replied by planting a kiss on my cheek, his lips lingering there a few seconds after, I could feel his warm breath tickling my cold, pale skin as he leaned back and brought me with his so our legs were tangled together in a mess and we was just there cuddling throughout the whole movie. After it had finished, I must have half fallen asleep, because I could feel Harry shift off of the sofa and say goodbye to all the other boys except Niall and explained to him that he and Stace could use the guest room to crash round Harry's house for tonight. Then I felt him slide his arms underneath my back and my legs and lift me up, to carry me to his room.

Harry was so gentle and sweet as he changed me into one of his tops which was far to big for me, but I loved how comfortable it was. I opened my eyes slowly and saw him taking off my shoes and my jeans, I didn't mind, he cared for me and it wasn't awkward at all with him. "Haz?" I whispered in my sleepy voice, "Yes baby?" he stopped what he was doing, looking worried I was going to say something about him taking my clothes off. "I'm sorry I couldn't tell you earlier... I love you lots and lots" I started to cry a bit, probably because I was tired. "Oh Chrissy don't cry babe, I understand and I love you lots and lots too" he smiled and continued to pull off my jeans and put them over his desk chair. Then he tucked me into the bed, took off his ripped jeans and his t-shirt and climbed in next to me, shifting closer, rubbing his nose against mine and looking into my eyes. "My gorgeous girl, I promise to keep you safe from anything that tries to hurt you.." I heard Harry whisper in my ear before going to sleep.

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