Could it be him~Harry Styles

I didn't know whether he could help me or not, but he intrigued me, so I brought down my walls ...


16. chapter 16

~~Christa's POV~~

I couldn't find the energy to speak since I had woken up and phoned Harry that time. Every time I heard the door open and close, I opened my eyes, hoping it was Harry walking in, and when it was I would try to find the energy to talk but I just wasn't strong enough. So, I did the only thing I could do, look and listen. I stared at him, his face, the toned muscles on his arms beneath his t-shirt, the way they flexed every time he reached for something. I couldn't help it, because I thought that if I were to get worse than I already were, I could die; then never see him again. I did the same thing with Stacey, listen and look, but if either of them broke my gaze, I would have to shut my eyes again. It was the only thing I could concentrate on really, which sounds stupid but in reality its far far from it. When they told me I was to live with Harry for a whole year until I was better, I was a bit confused at first thinking why they couldn't just let me live in my own house, but then Sue told me that I was far to weak to handle anything by myself, and my dad wasn't making any effort to see me in hospital, then he wouldn't out of hospital either. Tobey had come once or twice but that was just about it, I think he had kind of forgotten about me really, and avoided me to hang out with his mates at the pub. Tomorrow was the day I would move into Harry's house with his mum Anne, he had told me that it would be me, him and Anne, because his older sister was living with her friend at the moment. It had been about a month since I had been brought into hospital and they had told me today that Anne would come to pick Harry and myself up, then we would go to get Alice from Lou and Liam's apartment. I had begun to panic as soon as I had realised that I had a baby to look after the rest of my life, Harry had been so calm about it, but then I think that's just because he had had to look after her all the while I was in here.

I couldn't walk because I was still to weak, so when it was time to leave the hospital, Stacey and Harry were fussing around me like loons, and were trying to plan whether or not to use a wheelchair for the travel to Harry's house. It was about 8:00 in the morning and both of them were giving me a headache by doing all this talking and sometimes shouting. "Will you two please shut the hell up for one second?" I shouted as loud as I possibly could, seeing as my muscles didn't really want to help me do anything recently. They both spun round to look at me, and even though Harry quickly lifted his hand to his cheek, I still saw the silent tear that escaped from the corner of his eye. "Y-you...." Stacey stuttered half smiling, half looking worried. "Talked yeah I did" I managed to get out quietly, she came over to me and threw her arms in the air, "My girl is back!" she tilted her head back and stood there as if she was waiting for someone to clap for her on her acting skills. Harry wasn't as laid back as Stace. He strode over and gently used his two fingers to hold against my neck, checking for my pulse. "The doctors said if you start to talk, your blood pressure might go down, but your fine..." I nodded shyly as the touch of his skin on mine felt new like I hadn't ever felt it before, he leant down and slowly pressed his lips to mine in one simple kiss. When he'd stood up straight again he had that cocky smile plastered on his face that I hadn't seen in a very long time. I was aware that my cheeks were starting go pink and my body was heating up rapidly, I always remember that happening in school when someone used to embarrass me. Sue bustled in through the door and began to usher Harry and Stacey out of the door, so she could change me into the clothes Stacey had supposedly got for me from my house the other day, knowing I wouldn't have anything to go to Harry's with. As she was changing me, Sue started chatting to me like she always did, "Dear Harry's mother is waiting outside in the waiting room for you and the others, I know this is going to be a huge change for you and I respect that, but you have to stay with Harry all the time okay? I know this is going to be hard but you have a daughter now and she needs proper support from both parents, which she has. I know you can't do much, but If Harry gets pressured or tired with being a dad and looking after you the whole time, he is going to need some help. Ya know? You and Haz are both going to need to stay out of school for a whole year until you get better and when that time comes, we will say whether or not you are ready to hit the books again or not. Keep safe love okay?" she asked me as she finished and went to the door and whispered something to Harry and Stacey. He came towards me smiling, "Hold on, I've never done this to you before.." He said as I sat there confused on my hospital bed. I was about to shut my eyes when I saw Harry lean forwards, scoop his arms underneath my body and then lift me up bridal style off of the bed. "Harry I'm to heavy! Put me down" I said quietly, but he didn't listen, he just started walking me out of the room as Stacey grabbed my bag of things. Anne was waiting at the door of the waiting room with the wheelchair in front of her, she looked up when she saw the door open and Harry and I come in, she smiled as she watch Harry carefully lay me in the wheelchair. "Thank you Anne..." I started as a tear fell down my cheek, I suddenly felt emotional that this lady hardly knew who I was, but was going to let me stay in her house for a year and maybe longer with her son and our daughter. "Babe it's a pleasure to have you stay at our house with us and I am so amazed at what you have done with him!" she exclaimed as she pointed towards a shy looking Harry leaning against the door frame. "He has changed so much since you have been here, he is so much more responsible than he used to be and would you believe he is actually becoming a great dad as I've been told by Louis" She was smiling as I laughed, and wheeled me towards Harry who took over and began to push me out the doors and to my new home.

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