Could it be him~Harry Styles

I didn't know whether he could help me or not, but he intrigued me, so I brought down my walls ...


14. chapter 14

~~Harry's P.O.V~~

They said she didn't have enough blood given back to her after her first operation, so she started to have heart failure. My mind reeled at the thought of her leaving me and our baby. I couldn't, it just made me go back into more helpless sobbing. Nobody could ever replace Christa, she was one of a kind, and even though we had started going out after only week of knowing one another I had never felt more attracted to someone as I did for her when we first met.

Alice was crying, almost as if she knew her mother was unwell, I couldn't calm her down, and I had tried almost everything. I was waiting in Chrissy's room with Alice, my shirt off and her snuggled into my chest, it reminded me so much of Christa the morning after she had gotten really drunk. My hair was tied back into the bandana Chrissy had given me for my birthday this year, even if we weren't talking at that time, she had passed it to Liam to give to me. I thought how hard that must have been for her, the n the guilt came rushing back, of how I had left her to struggle through a pregnancy by herself. I had heard so many rumours around school, and really they just made me feel sick, I had left school near enough everyday just so I didn't have to listen to them stupid lies.

They brought her back, but she looked different. Pale, tired, and her eyes drawn closed, my eyes filled with tears at the sight of her. Tell me I'm weak but I don't care, the love of my life was lying on the bed in front of me, and she looked.....I didn't want to say it. "What's wrong with her?" I asked, well shouted at them, as I started to panic. "Well, Mr Styles, I'm sorry to say that Miss Hart has gone into a coma due to the process Heart failure." The doctor told me in a professional voice, that really pissed me off, all he cared about was his job, not the people. I stood there, my daughter in my arms wide awake with her bright eyes staring back at me, and my girlfriend lying next to me in a coma, for how long I didn't even know.

"Hey boys, what's going on?" I asked Liam, Niall, Lou and Zayn in a tired voice, due to my lack of sleep the past three days. "Awww she's so cute! Gimme Gimme!" Niall squealed in a girly voice at me, his arms out reaching for Alice. I passed her over nervously, "Don't worry, I got her" Niall said to me rocking her back and forth, she started giggling at him when he made stupid faces at her. "So mate, how have you been, you look awful.." Louis said looking at me. "God, I haven't slept since they told me she was in a coma.." I pointed at Chrissy lying in the bed still lying still but breathing. "Look, I mean one of us can stay here over night, and you can sleep back at the flat if you want." Liam said to me with a sympathetic look on his face, "Uh...I would but...I don't want to leave her..." I said to him unsure of whether to accept the offer, I was sure as hell tired, but I was scared to leave Christa incase anything happened. "Two of us will stay here over night and take turns staying awake. Niall and I will take first night, then Liam and Zayn can do it tomorrow" Lou said to me happily, "Thanks man, I think they might let me take Alice out with me so, she will come with me and you guys can stay here right?" They nodded at me eager to let me sleep.

I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing loudly next to Liam's bed, he had let me stay at the flat where him, Danielle, Lou and Eleanor lived together. Ell and Danni were downstairs watching movies and I was sleeping up here with Alice next to me in her carry cot. "Hello..." I sort of asked groggily, "Were you sleeping? Oh my god I'm sorry! I didn't mean to wake you up!" she rushed down the phone. I started to cry, not like light crying but relieved sobbing, I thought she would die. "I'm coming baby, I'm coming right now okay, hang in there until I come see you" I started to make my way down the stairs, throwing my muscle vest top on and my skinny jeans, with the phone between my shoulder and my ear, not wanting to hang up incase something happen during the time I wasn't there. "Ell! Danni!" I shouted through the kitchen that led into the living room, Alice was in my arms, asleep and I couldn't take her with me. "Hey Haz, is she awake?" Ell asked me quickly, with worry written all over her face. "Yup, I need you guys to look after Alice while I'm gone...please?" I begged at them with a hurried expression on my face. "Sure, tell her we said well done" Danni said to me taking my baby girl into her arms.

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