Could it be him~Harry Styles

I didn't know whether he could help me or not, but he intrigued me, so I brought down my walls ...


12. chapter 12

I can't be pregnant. This has to be a mistake! I won't be able to handle being a parent. God I look like a right slut now, 17 and pregnant. Lovely. "Have you done it yet?" Stacey called softly from the other side of the door. I tried to reply but all that came out was a whispered yes, which I doubt she heard. Right pull yourself together Chris. I stood up, took a few deep breaths, shoved the white stick into my school blazer pocket and reached for the door handle. "Yup, It was negative thank god! Cheers for helping though, Love ya!" I said as she pulled me into a hug. When she released me I grabbed my bag, saying goodbye as I headed out of the room and to the front door. I had just got through her gate when I began to sprint as fast as I could to my house. A million thoughts were thrashing around in my mind. I had lied to my best friend who is one of the only people that I can trust. Harry was still ignoring me, for which reason I had no idea. And I was pregnant. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with any one of those things but the one thing I was completely sure of was that, nobody could know that the test had come out positive. I got to my front door and fumbled with my keys trying to find the right one. I got myself frustrated over the smallest thing. The emotions were caving close on me now. All coming to land on top of me. Angry, because I had gotten myself this drunk to make this stupid mistake. Upset, because I would have to stand this alone. And guilt-ridden, for not telling anybody about this baby.

I got into my room after about ten minutes of trying to unlock the front door. I dumped my bag, went into the bathroom and peeled off my school uniform until I was in my bra and knickers. I came out and dug around underneath my bed for a few minutes, before I found the thing I was looking for. I carefully opened the wooden treasure chest that held all the things I wouldn't want anybody to find. It glinted in the sun that came through my window as I took it out of its hiding place. I stood up and carried it into the bathroom, sat down and help my arm in front of me. Then I let the silver glide through my skin. I hadn't done this in years, not since mum died. It felt good in a way that helped me forget about everything for that one moment. The blood oozing down onto the floor made my stomach lurch but I couldn't bring myself to stop. After three more deep cuts were drew into my skin I wrapped my arm in bandage and cleaned the blood that was threatening to stain the white tiled floors.

7 months had passed since I had found out my little secret. Harry has still been keeping his distance from me, unsure whether he wants to talk to me every time he passes by. I was starting to show quite a lot now and my school uniform was helping me cover up. It scared me, every time I showed a little more, thinking someone would find out. Every night since I found out, I drew a new scar into my body, to relieve the stress. When I couldn't handle the exams or rumours at school, I went to the lake that was behind my back garden. I had been getting closer and closer each time I went there, luring me into the gushing water, as if it knew that that was the only way to take away my problems. Suicidal thoughts had silently crept into my mind while I lay in bed thinking at night. Today, I hadn't bothered to show up at school because I just didn't see the point I guess. I was down by the lake and standing right on the edge of its bank, this was the farthest I had gotten before. I thought that it would be nice, nice to get away from each and every trouble that was swimming around in my head, the weight lifted from my shoulders. This morning I had started bleeding slightly, which I thought was just natural, but by now it had gotten much worse. It frightened me, how much blood was flowing out of me. So, I gave in to my thoughts and dived in.

~~Zayn's POV~~

I didn't want to be in school, exams were the one thing that brought me on edge, couldn't stand them. I knew the lake was there before now, my mother had taken me to it every day when I was younger, telling me not to get into the water, how ever many times I tried. I started from the place my mother had showed me and decided to walk beside it. After about 10 minutes of walking, I spotted something washed up at the side, which was surrounded in what looked like blood. I got closer then stopped. It can''s not..."Christa!!!!" I screamed running to her side and pulling her onto the thick grass. "Christa please, please come on, wake up...please" I started to sob. Right come on, she need's help. Oh god what do I do? She was covered in dark red blood and was breathing but unconscious. I pulled out my phone and called 999. When they arrived and loaded her onto the ambulance, I climbed in with her, hearing each of the paramedics shout something to one another. I texted Harry telling him to meet me at the hospital. He bounced back straight away asking why. When I told him it was Chris, he just replied with 'B there in 5'.

~~Harry's POV~~

They wheeled her into a room and said I had to stay outside, then told me to calm down as I shouted at them asking what was wrong. I felt sick, it had been two hours since she was taken into that room, and not once had I been told she was okay. I was petrified. What have I done, all I had done was push her away over what everybody else thought. I had left her alone. About 10 minutes later they told me that she was going to be okay, but was still dangerously weak. The amount of blood she lost was deadly and if Zayn hadn't been there, then she would have died. They also told me that she had given birth to a baby girl, which was indeed mine. I froze. She had been pregnant, for all that time and not told me? I don't even think she told Stacey. Chris had been 8 months in before giving birth which had been lucky for the baby to live. I cried when they brought be to her, they told me I had to wait for an hour before she would wake up.

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