The Disappearance


6. Chapter 6

Chloe ran up to me at the end of the night. Mascara was running down her face and her cheeks were flushed. She looked terrible.

                I pull her into a hug. “Chloe? Is everything okay?”

                “No. I don’t really want to talk about it. I need a ride home, please?” there was desperation in her face, and that killed me to see. Logan pulled her into a hug to the side. He nodded at me.

                “Yes, of course. Logan, Kris, Kassie, and I were all heading home now, so you’d--,” but I didn’t finish.

                “Yes, I want to leave right now.” She sobs. Kassie appears then and takes Chloe from Logan and hugs her tightly.

                I drive us home now. Logan sits beside me and Kassie sits in the back in the middle with Kris to her left and she is consoling Chloe on her right. Suddenly I go cold. I can’t breathe. The ‘vision’ is real. I grip my heads tighter on the wheel until my knuckles turn white. I breathe frantically. I look in all of my mirrors and watch my speed and everything. I begin to sweat and I get really hot even though it’s fifty degrees out with the top down. Logan notices.

                “Kelly?? What’s the matter?” Logan leans toward me with outstretched hands like I can just jump into them and be safe. Now Kassie starts to pay attention. She leans forward and lets go of Chloe, her face poking through the space of Logan and my seats. Through my rear view mirror I see her face, and it’s pale. We are almost at the turn off to the highway.

                “Kassie? What’s the problem?” Logan turns to my sister. I don’t turn onto the highway, I decide to take a back road, and maybe those people won’t be there. A tear falls from my eye. I drive faster.

                “Logan, text my parents and tell her Kassie and I love them very much.” I see my reflection in the mirror and I’ve never seen myself so distraught. Mascara could be dripping down my face; it looks like black paint on my now white skin. My face looks bonier than ever. I think I scared Logan so much, he actually does it without question. “Kelly, you aren’t going to kill us, are you?” I don’t know how he can joke right now. Chloe cries harder, and Kassie can’t move.

                “No, but the people from my vision might.” Now he looks at me like I’m a psychopath. Suicidal. Drunk. Crazy. Almost hatred, which is dreadful.

                “Logan, hand me my phone.” I decide its best if I have my phone with me, where ever I go. He hesitantly does, and I hold out my hand. He looks like he’s afraid to touch it. I lift up my dress him and tuck my phone in my spandex, hoping they won’t see it.

                Sirens explode behind me and my rear view mirror blinds me with red and blue. I can’t look to Logan to protect me now. He hates me. I drive faster. Kassie screams. Tears stream down my cheeks. I have to pull over, I can’t pull over, I have to, I can’t, I’m going to die.

                “Kelly, pull over!” Logan shouts at me.

                I decide I have to. I slow and pull to the curb. I should have gone to the highway. More cars would have seen me, possibly. There might have been a chance. I put the car in park.

                “I love you Kassie, you’ve always been my sister, and I will always remember you. Logan, I didn’t realize how much I loved you before, but I do now. Chloe, you’ve always been my best friend, and I love you too.” I decide to say my goodbyes now, or I might never get the chance. Logan stares at me in bewilderment.

I turn around in my seat as a dark van pulls up so fast in front of me, right in front of my left headlight. There is no turning back now. Logan looks at the van, and then the cops, and then at me, and his eyes soften, and he realizes maybe I’m not crazy.

I reach for my sister, but she is already gone. My eyes go huge and I start screaming.  “KAS-!!!!!” and come up short there is a large hand around my mouth. I struggle for Logan, but he is already gone too, and someone grabs my arm, hard, and I cry out into the cloth and my vision gets blurry. Another hooks my thigh and pulls me forcefully out of the car and drops me onto the road. My head hits the pavement hard. I’m sleepy. The hands are gone, and I can’t move.

I just remember the cool and rough surface of the ground as long as I can and then I am picked up and carried into the large vehicle. I’m drowsy. One of my shoes falls off. Good. Maybe my parents will- Uhhhmm… Maybe my phone can save- uhhhh… oh yeah, me. I think it’s time to sleep now.

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