It's the middle of summer vacation, and being away from everyone seems to be just what Diana needed. Well until she agreed to go to a summer home with Rose and the girls. When she gets there she realizes that the girls also invited to boys. With no way to leave she's stuck there to face some feelings that has been eating her up. Will this summer be good for her or will it hurt her even more?


1. Summer~

Diana's POV:

I was on my way to Rose's summer house. It was July second. I hadn't really talked to anyone since vacation started, I hadn't really talked since Niall's accident. I don't like to think about it and every time I do I ease my pain through my wrist. I know he wouldn't want me doing it but I couldn't help it. Thinking about him not being here anymore was just too painful. I missed him so much. I pulled up to this exotic house with Abby and Brooke sitting outside. They ran up to me as soon as I got out of the car.
"We've missed you Di!" Abby said. I paid the driver before he headed off. We walked into the house with my bag in my hands. I set my bag down then turned back towards the girls.
"I've missed you guys too." I softly smiled.
"Oh gosh you don't know how badly I've missed hearing your voice!" Brooke almost cried wrapping her arms around me hugging me tightly.
"....Diana....." Abby muttered looking down at my arms.
"Don't worry Abby." I said softly. 
My voice was weak. It was probably because of all the crying I've down in the last few months. Some times I wonder if I'm even strong enough to get through all of this heartache. We walked out back, well technically they dragged me out back with one of their hands over my eyes. I wasn't so thrilled about surprises specially after Niall died. 
"Look who we found!" Abby giggled.
"You nerds didn't find her, I invited her." I heard Rose say. Brooke took her hands from over my eyes. I blinked a couple times to adjust back to the sunlight. Then I felt Rose hugging me. I hugged her back then noticed that we weren't the only ones here. Brooke and Abby jumped into the pool with Liam and Zayn. While Rose pulled me over to the table where Harry and Louis were at. I wanted so badly to walked right back out of this house. 
"Hello stranger." Harry smiled his cheeky smile at me.
"Rose you didn't tell me they were going to be here...." I groaned.
"I knew that if I did you wouldn't have came." She said handing me a pop.
"Well you're right...." I mumbled.
"Why so distance love?" Zayn said hugging me from behind and kissing my cheek. He took a seat then pulled Abby on his lap. She had written me a month ago telling me that they were finally boyfriend and girlfriend. 
"Yeah haven't heard from you once." Liam said giving me a hug and a kiss on the forehead before sitting down with Brooke under his arm. They are also dating now.
I looked across the table to see Louis staring at me, when we locked eyes he looked away. I sulked farther down in my chair. What was going on with me...

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